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    Summer Job at Port Credit

    A friend of mine is hiring for these positions if anybody is interested. Job Posting Boat Launch Attendant CRAA Location: Toronto / Missisauga / Oakville, ON Job Category: Recreation Posted Date: 12/05/2002 Description: July 6 to August 25, 2002 8 full time positions 4...
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    DEMF this year????????

    Does anybody know what's going on with DEMF this year. I haven't heard anything and traditionally it should be happening in about 3 weeks. Any info would be appreciated......... BTW - how is everybody........I've been out of the loop for a while so I send a huge shout to all these faces of...
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    Kitchener/Waterloo Promotion help needed...

    If there is anybody on this board that can help us promote Bittersweet at the campuses in Waterloo please email me @ <aaron@lifeforceindustries.com> Thanks! AA>>
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    Old-school Movies

    I know this thread has already come up.......so all you seasoned vetrans : evade the yawns...... I've been renting some of my classic favourites...........Juice, Reservior Dogs, Boyz in the Hood, Apocalypse Now, Scarface, Donnie Brasco, A Fish Called Wanda, Dances With Wolves, The Godfather...