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  1. Illogistix

    Danny Tenaglia at Nest

    OK, here's an old-style Tribe party review ... for those few who are missing them. I am interested to know -- did anyone else go see Danny Tenaglia at Nest? Has Tribe officially stopped attending events like this? Are you attending other DJ shows? Should we ring the death knell? Back in the...
  2. Illogistix


    Any of you guys play this? A bunch of people at my fantasy football draft were going on and on about it. I might open an account. Anyone win anything?
  3. Illogistix

    Innervisions at the Science Centre - July 24

    Dixon + Ame at the Science Centre on Friday, July 24. Will DJ Citrus make a surprise appearance and complete the intergenerational Toronto rave circle?
  4. Illogistix

    BPM 2015 Music Festival reviews

    After taking years and years off from partying, I've been knocking off some of the things I was missing out on over the years -- Movement, Harvest, clubs in Montreal, New York and Europe, and now I can add BPM to my list. Wow woweee! So worth the wait. I had heard mixed things from friends...
  5. Illogistix

    Maceo Plex - Coda

    I know some of you must have been there, too. I had a great night with a really good crew. Crowd at Coda can be hit or miss, so it's always nice to be there with a solid group of friends. I thought Maceo played a really nice set - seam less mixing in and out of a few genres. Played all his big...
  6. Illogistix

    Serial podcast

    Is anyone listening to this? I just started with the first episode. Definitely interested to download more. Serial One question to those who are right into this - are the people interviewed by the presenter the real people involved in the case? Even the guy incarcerated for the murder? AK
  7. Illogistix

    Bob Moses

    Coda on Nov. 14. Tickets were only $15 when I got them last week. CODA | 794 Bathurst St., Toronto
  8. Illogistix

    Harvest Fest 2014

    Not sure how long ago this was posted, but I saw the DJs have been booked for this coming Harvest Festival. Stacey Pullen and Gene Ferris are two of my back-in-the-day faves who still can get a party moving, but I'm always happy to hear some new (to me) talent as well. DJ Lineup | Harvest...
  9. Illogistix

    Digital Dance Nation documentary

    Ran across this old video on Facebook today about the Toronto rave scene - takes me back! Sorry if this was posted before. Sound quality is shit but there's tons of good videos of classic events and some great interviews as well. watch?v=swObc4ssCwU#t=11
  10. Illogistix

    Movement 2014

    Just drove back and already reliving so many classic moments from an amazing weekend in Detroit. 10 awesome things: - the weather was perfect. - watching tankers cruise down the river from high on the steps at the Beatport stage - catching DJ Marky and then Ed Rush and Optical. I haven't...
  11. Illogistix


    Nate Silver's new (revamped?) site launched today. It's an infinite pit of data-journalism based stories (politics, economic, science, life and sports). In the sports section they are trying to predict the outcome of March Madness. Will be interesting to follow. (Famously, they correctly...
  12. Illogistix

    Richie Hawtin in Barcelona / Adam Beyer at Coda

    Adam's appearance on Saturday has motivated me to write these reviews. Not really comparing the two but it was kind of neat for me to see how the Toronto club scene stacks up against Barcelona for what were pretty similar gigs at two new spaces. I was in Barcelona over the holidays and...
  13. Illogistix

    Tell your best Berghain story

    "This one time at Berghain, I saw a shirtless Shia LeBouef and Nick Nolte eating Burger King in the back seat of a burnt-out 1972 Skoda." I can only assume the Berghain owners and regulars really dislike this article in the magazine called Rolling Stones. I've never been, always wanted to go...
  14. Illogistix

    Odd Bedfellow: Irvine Welsh, Calvin Harris to make EDM Comedy produced by Jay Z, Will Smith for HBO

    Not a joke (I don' think): HBO Developing Electronic Music Comedy From DJ Calvin Harris, 'Trainspotting' Author Irvine Welsh, Will Smith & Jay-Z - Deadline.com This genre has already been perfected in It's All Gone Pete Tong - no reason why this can't work.
  15. Illogistix

    CODA opening -- with Art Department

    Surprised/not surprised no one has posted a review here yet about the new afterhours nightclub in Toronto. Here's my take. We went hoping for a cool new space to dance to good music with like-minded people and weren't disappointed. I think the new space is better in almost every way, except...
  16. Illogistix

    Harvest Fest 2013

    I finally hit this for the first time and really enjoyed it. Just some quick thoughts: The music in the spaceship on Saturday night was ridiculously good. I was super impressed and as a techno fan it was such a treat. Mike Gibbs, Funk D'Void and especially Jeremy Caulfield played great sets...
  17. Illogistix

    Electric Island

    After being extremely disappointed by the first event on the May 24 Monday, I went back this past Monday and was thoroughly impressed with all the improvements implemented. No lines for anything, great food options, cold drinks in minutes, a hilarious rock n roll bartender wearing a cut-off...
  18. Illogistix

    Tiga - Boiler Room

    Tiga 50 Min Mix - BOILER ROOM Check the guy in the striped shirt, who miraculously doesn't get elbowed in the chin, Chris Nilan-style, by the DJ. Some of the Boiler Room dancers are hilarious/the worst, and need their own Internet reality show. Sweet mix though
  19. Illogistix

    Russell Brand on addiction

    Hope this isn't a re-post, but it is such a well-written piece. I continue to have a lot of respect for Russell Brand. (Guess I won't be smoking a Jeffrey with him any time soon...) Russell Brand on heroin, abstinence and addiction » The Spectator
  20. Illogistix

    New mix from Nautiluss on Teshno

    Download it here: teshno » teshcast y ~ nautiluss