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    False Advertising

    In the upcoming events forum - My Bloody Valentine @ Brockton Collective....way to get a guys hopes up.
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    What "LEGAL" stack are you using?

    Creatine No-Xplode ( have tried many pre's and this is by far my favorite) Protein Multi - Vitamin Use to be a hardcore distance runner. I dropped from being 180 lbs to 155 and just felt skinny and weak. Have gained 20lbs in 5 months and feel the best I have ever felt.
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    World's Greatest DJ

    Are you serious???? You didn't notice the lack of wires on the back of the mixer?
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    RCMP getting paid to snowboard in Alberta....

    "While the RCMP ski patrol is a volunteer program," It's a volunteer job. I don't know why anyone would volunteer to wear that uniform hahahah
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    Antwon Faulkner aka Twonz Live @ Funk Foundation Toronto.ca 2013

    Who the hell charges for mixes these days?? and $10 at that.
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    LIGHTS OUT recorded live feat Nathan Barato, Mark Kufner, Alvaro Gonzalez +

    whoa some unexpected classics sprinkled throughout this one. Fully enjoyed it front to back.
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    Sneaks Birthday Beats 2012

    Along with Dubtribe Soundsystem :eek:
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    Police officer charged for cheese smuggling

    There is a milk quota in Canada. Farmers are only allowed to produce so much milk, the government tells them each year how much that is. In the states they can produce as much as they want that is why the prices are lower...
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    Mad Child Dope Sick

    Love every track on this album.
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    Me + Public Enemy onstage in Toronto

    hahahahaha That's amazing!!!!!!!! PE still to this day one of my favs. Did you end up giving the plate to Flav?
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    OxyContin to be pulled from shelves, replaced with ' harder to crush ' OxyNEO

    Why wouldn't the heroin suppliers start moving in on the action. Junkies are junkies and they will take anything they can get to keep from getting the nasty withdraw. My cousin is a straight up junkie and has been in and out of rehab for the last few years. She said the heroin in Ontario is...
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    I am going to the VELD Festival...

    Wow good to see really shitty music can bring out a big crowd.
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    Ontario Cottage Rentals or Lodges

    West of toronto there is the obvious Grand Bend, but as well look into Long Point\ Turkey Point. The area is nice and relatively inexpensive to rent for a weekend. You can also check out Ontario's Great Outdoor Adventure - Long Point Zip Lines, Vacations and Corporate Getaways Port Stanley...
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    Was partying at the base in London when we decided last minute to hit this up. We showed up to this at 4:30 am after most of the chaos was over, greased one of the bouncers $50 and he let 3 of us in no problem...no tickets.....no admission fee LOL. Went directly outside and partied until it...
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    Carnivale...what happened?

    So i thought this place was supposed to restart the whole "warehouse" party vibe in Toronto. I was planning on hitting it up at some point but everything ended after 2 events. Whats the scoop?
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    Swedish House Mafia to split up after current tour

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    Swedish House Mafia to split up after current tour

    Don't get me started on Kaskade. You have to wonder though, after years of producing such good house music and then all of the sudden producing shit mainstream garbage does he actually like the shit he creates nowadays or does he know he's a total sell out.
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    Swedish House Mafia to split up after current tour

    thank fucking god less shitty music in this world.. Now if Skrillex was to call it quits the world would be a better place. Swedish "house" mafia ya right.
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    Favourite drug movies............

    1. Fear and Loathing 2. The Salton Sea 3. Friday ( i guess this is a stoner movie ) so my other pick would be Human traffic Watched these over and over back in the day.
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    Tell me a joke

    A dog, a cat, and a penis are sitting around a camp fire one night. The dog says, "My life sucks, my master makes me do my business on a fire hydrent!". The cat says, "I don't think so, my master makes me do my business in a box of cat litter." The penis outraged, says "At least your master...