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    pewpew! why gaming is good for women

    Shoot First, Ace Geometry Later Video gaming may eliminate the gender gap in spatial skills By Siri Carpenter Scientific American Mind - December, 2007 Playing an action-packed video game nearly wipes out sex differences in a basic spatial thinking task, research reveals. In a study of...
  2. K

    need roomate for 2bdr @ pape/danforth - March

    looking for someone to take over my lease in March, as I am moving out for a job opportunity but have the lease until June. You can take it until june or extend the lease as long as you want. you'd get to live with an awesome roomate (Drea for those who know her). - huge two floor...
  3. K

    Unlocked Treo 700p... is it going to happen?

    So, I am desperately in need of a smartphone for bid-nez. The Treo looks to be exactly what I need and I like it a lot better than the others i've taken a look at (blackberry, etc.) The 650 is currently being offered by Rogers, but the reviews blow. I'm really concerned about call quality and...
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    the fine art of sandwichboardery

    anyone know of a place to get a sweet sandwich board designed and printed? i'm looking for a quality design and something not too $$$, and would rather go to someone who comes reccomended. thanks tribe! alternately we can just talk about sandwiches. i believe sandwiches are totally...
  5. K

    1st level mario bros - funniest shit i've ever seen

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2139555376132383479 *tear* =tina=
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    soundproofing an existing wall... help!

    looking for something to block loud voices and noise travelling between two rooms. looking for something relatively inexpensive and not so difficult to install.... i've read just adding another layer of drywall will do a decent job... but how effective is that? are there actual soundproofing...
  7. K

    FR: awesome 1bdr june 1st

    $925 all inclusive, danforth and coxwell (upstairs unit of a house) -A/C -large balcony/patio surrounded by trees -warm, sunny living room with extra high ceilings -kitchen with brand new appliances (stove and fridge just a few mos. old) -really nice bathroom with a huge deep soaker tub (great...
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    JOEY!!! It's your birthday mister!

    Happy birthday to you CB! Can't wait to celebrate with you proper. I just have to collect a few things first.... first i have to beat up these bitches and steal their straws then score some pitchers of beer and put the straws to their proper use! (it's momantic) then proceed to...
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    nero issues

    alright, so i just installed a burner in my mom's ooooold computer (pentium 2 from 98). burner is installed ok but the nero program that came with the burner is being fussy and wont let me do anything... something about my BIOS being from 1998, but it requires 1999 or later. is there a...
  10. K

    any volleyball players? weird question

    what time of year is a typical indoor volleyball season/offseason? (i'm talking elite players mostly, not just rec leagues) =tina=
  11. K

    saul williams

    thurs nov. 11th at the elmo. rotate this had a few tickets left, and ticketmaster is also an option. for the montreal crowd, there's a show on the 12th. this will be my first time seeing him in the flesh, i've only heard amazing things about his live performances. VERY excited. =tina=
  12. K

    holy crap... movement uk and theory anyone?

    brian gee, high contrast, zinc, j majik, darrison!? whaaat! that's like, easily one of the sickest lineups i've seen in a while. brian gee's last appearances here were off the hook. and hiiiiiigh contrast!!! BADASS. been a while since i braved the guv for a theory, but this one had me at...
  13. K

    free pullout couch

    free pullout couch if you can come get it (dupont/spadina). it's a pullout, fairly plain (beigish colour). pretty good condition, you can totally clean it up - it's been outside for a little bit on a covered deck. not too sure how good the pullout part is. pm me if you're interested thanks...
  14. K

    poster mounting

    oooooh take THAT tribe excitement level anyone mounted a poster before? *snicker* i'm looking for a quality place downtown (the closer to the annex the better) that can do one or two posters for a reasonable price in a reasonable time. also, being as unexperienced at this as i am, i...
  15. K

    WTR: 2bdr in the Annex - Sept or Oct 1

    i'm looking for something nice in the annex area (between bloor-dupont-spadina-bathurst preferably) within $1550/month. having zero luck so far, so if anyone knows of any places available off hand or has some phat pad up their sleeve waiting to be rented let me know! thanks! :) =tina=
  16. K

    mystery science theater 3000 the movie on RIGHT NOW

    ifc grab yer laugh hats, cuz it's crazy good. (also, no pete's or allie's allowed in this thread) =tina=
  17. K

    darkest peru

    where is darkest peru and who else had no idea paddington bear came from there?
  18. K

    Getting paid for notes???

    A girl approached me today in class to see if she could buy my class notes off of me, since she apparently takes really shitty notes. My program is pretty intense and normally i'd have a problem doing all the dirty work for someone (get a damn taperecorder or something), but i'm a starving...
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    MSN Messanger Users - YOU'RE ANNOYING

    Ok not all of you, but the ones who insist on changing their nickname like, EVERY day. And it's not even a nickname! It's moods and what people are eating and where they're going and UGH. Fuck i don't even know who half the ppl on my list are anymore. No one wants to hold their cursor...
  20. K

    It's the BEST time of the year right now...

    TOMATO SEASON!!! my absolute fave time of year. nothing... NOTHING beats my dad's beefsteak tomatos. i was so happy to hear they're ready!! as per tradition, ate the biggest juciest one first like an apple with nothign but salt, then cut another up and made a tomato/cucumber/onion...