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  1. J

    steak sauce?

    ya the only real steak sauce is bullseye smoked hickory or whatever mmmmmm steak... and cheese. JePh
  2. J


    i heard from my friend that the party was supposed to end at 3:30?!?!?!?! he called me on my cell from the party and said it was ending??? IM GONNA FUCKING KILL SOMEONE NOW!! GRRRRR I NEED A PARTY TOO FUCKING BADLY, I THINK I JUST BROKE THE 'B' KEY ON MY KEYOARD SO IM GONNA LEAVE NOW AND PUT MY...
  3. J


    i got an idea. for the next kickit party, bring back rahzel and call the party 'JePh's Last Chance' and book the party for ummmm next friday, at ummmmmm JePh's House. yeah. good god i need some nice drugs to take my mind off this. JePh
  4. J


    one other thing, is it possible for me to get a refund anywhere on my ticket, since i didn't go, and it ruined my brain? JePh
  5. J


    well, i now hate my parents, and i think im gonna burn my house down. those fucking lazy bastards. they didn't wake me up, since i got HOME from another party at 1pm saturday, and went to sleep, I JUST FUCKIN WOKE UP NOW, CUZ THEY DIDN'T WAKE ME UP, AND NOW I MISSED THE ONE FUCKING PARTY I...
  6. J

    Deep Dish + Q-bert @ the Warehouse

    whoah whoah whoah! wasn't danny tha wildchild supposed to be at this party? JePh
  7. J

    The NOT atm review thread.

    i didn't go either but i got some free acid for my birthday tho so its all good. JePh
  8. J

    Big Bud

    GODDAMNIT!! this is no fair im gonna complain about this for so long! they had the laser in the jungle room didn't they? ARGH! NO GOOD! finally a good party and i friggin missed it! *stabs himself* who was the guest dj? i gotta know. JePh
  9. J

    Big Bud

    i hope you all post something bad about this party (no offence to big bud) but i hope i didn't miss anything. who was the guest dj? was it too packed? AAHHHHHH! i hate it when i miss a damn party i've been planning on going to, but something always goes nice and wrong. grrrr. oh well. JePh