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    FS - Video Ipod 80 Gb + Accesories

    i am selling an 80 gig black video ipod, which is the 6th generation and its black. i bought it brand new in january and have never had a problem with it. in fact, its never even frozen on me!! it has scratches from everyday use and wear and tear but still works awesomely! it comes with...
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    100 Records for Sale!!!

    mostly progressive... 100 records for $200 (firm)!! lazysacha@gmail.com Sasha EP - Xpander/Belfunk/Rabbitweed/Baja - Deconstrucion Greed - Strange World [Van Bellen/Greed mixes] - White Lable Bent - Swollen [Francois K vocal/dubDusted vocal mixes] -MOS Heller & Farley - The Rising...
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    LF - 2 Tickets for Peter, Bjorn & John

    looking for 2 tickets for this event. email lazysacha@gmail.com thanks
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    FS: 2 x CDJ 100s & Numark Mixer

    . . For sale here are TWO CDJ 100s and a Numark DM 1001X mixer. Selling it because I want new snowboarding gear! technics1200 technics1200 technics1200 Everything for $550.technics1200 technics1200 technics1200 or seperately cdj 100s - $275 each. numark mixer - $75 PM me or email me...
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    FS - Ipod 40 gig Photo

    For sale here is an ipod 40 gig photo. Its about a 18 months old, and I've never had a problem with it. The battery runs for about 10-12 hours (more if you dont fast forward/skip songs!) I can leave all 35 gigs of my music on it if you'd like (its mostly [prog/tech] house, rock, downtempo...
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    Records For Sale for $5 & $7 a pop!

    These records are for sale individually now. anyone who pm'd me or emailed me for single records earliar, please pm/email me again if you still want those records... red = $5 record blue = $7 record purple = $9 record(s) green = potentially sold Hamel & Blackwatch - Diskotek...
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    well actually, theyre caller doctor martens. remember how populare these boots/shoes were back in the day? I still like them, i think i might start wearing them again.
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    DJ Paul Elstak Videos (paging richard raiban!)

    youtube is awesome! here are some hardcore videos by DJ Paul Elstak. (raibans old fave dj!) Promised Land Luv U More Rainbow In The Sky A Hardcore State Of Mind Don't Leave Me Alone
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    Records For Sale

    Im selling another bunch (90) of records again. MOSTLY PROG....although theres some housier house, some techy house, some breaks and a few (4) trance records! i want to sell the WHOLE lot for $350 = LESS THAN $4 bux a record. If that doesnt happen, I'll sell them as a whole on Ebay. If that...
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    RCA Lyra 20GB MP3 player w/ FM record

    RCA Lyra 20GB MP3 player w/ FM record please adopt my RCA Lyra. she's got all the features listed above in a futuristic space-age form factor. she's loaded with 16GB of rock awesome trax! charges through your computer's USB2 connection, and when you're in the mood for FM radio you can even...
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    Seinfeld DVD's.

    Seasons 5 AND 6 still wrapped in...the wrapper. $80 for both.
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    Track ID

    Can someone please help me identify this track. thanx
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    Jesus Lol!

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    Top 10 Worst Album Covers....EVER!!!

    taken from here... #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
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    FS - Jean Jacket

    For sale is this lovely, almost new XL Black Guess Jean Jacket. Bought many moons ago, but only worn a few times. $20 lazysacha @ gmail . com
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    FS - Cell Phone

    Nokia 3390 for sale. Comes with the charger. $20
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    FS - Technics Record BAG

    A black Technics record bag. Holds 40-45 records. $30 on the inside part of the flap, there are some paint specks.
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    Hardcore Parties STILL Happen!!!

    i think i would have fun at this party...(only for 10 minutes, then id look for the tech-house room) (theres a commercial before the video) link paging richard raiban
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    Favourite Chocolate Bar

    mine would have to be... and
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    Records For Sale

    Mostly prog records for sale. The WHOLE lot for $300. = $3 bux a record. 1- Funk D'Void - "Diabla" - Heavenly/Samuel L Sessions Juice mixes - Soma 2- Aquilla - "Voodoo" - White Magic/Praha Mixes - Inversus Records 3- Chris Cargo feat. Sara Barnes - "Touch The Sky" - Vocal/dub mixes -...