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    Any good house tonight?

    We are looking for something to do tonight other than Hodges? Any suggestions? February 13th 2010
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    A diverse collection of records for sale

    I am selling roughly 120 records. Below is a sampling of said records. I am aware of two skips in all these records. Selection of old acid breaks, and older techno, and a slew of older house. A few prog, jungle, randoms thrown in. $255 obo angryclown1 AT hotmail dot com, or pm Breaks-...
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    FS: 95-97 Trance

    I haven't done drugs in years, so I no longer need the Trance. Older trance from 95-97. A few Rotterdam, and a few Happy Hardcore to round it out. $150 or obo. 51 in total I believe Sasha and Digweed-Communicate:eek: Deerex-The book of revelation DJ Randy-Digital Mass Banter-Mindless...
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    Classic Rap records FS

    Sad to say that I haven't been playing these forever, so it's time to move them. I am looking to sell them as a lot, and not break them up. $300 obo. A few old dancehall thrown in for good measure angryclown1 AT hotmale.com or PM The Notorious BIG-Ready to Die LP Lords of the...
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    Printers in China

    Despite the fact that they are monsters, I need some cheap printing done. Can anyone recommend some printers in China? I need them to print 250 cards with black writing on one side, and a three colour logo on the other side. I need at least a 1000 sets to start. I have been looking...
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    Tortured Soul

    It seems like I have been waiting forever. WOOT! 3/16/8
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    Recommend me restaurant in France

    So ya, I am thinking of moving to France in a few months, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of where I should cook. Thanks John
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    FS: V Fest Passes

    Being sold is two weekend passes for The Virgin Music festival. Here are all the details: http://www.virginfestival.ca/en/ Selling for someone else, who can be contacted at sergei.stevens at geeeemale.com Looking for $220 obo. John
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    Hawaiian Coffee

    Any chance anyone knows where to find it by the pound downtown? Thanks John
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    LF:Thornley Tickets

    Looking for the for them for 03/03 aka tomorrow Friday. If you can't go, and need to sell, let me know angryclown1 at hotmale dot com Thanks John
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    When a stranger calls.

    Unfortunately I went to see this piece of crap. I won't waste anymore of your time on why it was crap, but save yourself the money, and wait for CityTV to show it.
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    LF: Dishwasher

    Basicallly, I am selling my house very soon, and my dishwasher went to shit. I am looking for a used one that would fit in a 24X34 opening. Alternately, if you could point me towards a website that has classifieds like this, that would be neato too, as I am retarted, and couldn't find them...
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    Can I not invite the in-laws to the wedding?

    Basically, my mother-in-law to be hates me. Can I not invite her, and possibly the not the Dad either, without burning in hell forever? It might make it hard at family events, but they wouldn't be invited to them either. Has anyone else done this?
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    Roy Davis Jr @Copper (Hammer)

    Holy fuck! He brought the tunes. He started off nice, and deep. After that, he started to bring the funk. Next Roy dropped a bit of Rick James mash up action. He just got funkier from there. After a while he brought it deep, and vocally again. His mixing was passable, and a few times he...
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    Small Claims Court?

    I was wondering if anyone had been, and if they figured I could win based on the following story: On Wednesday of last week I took my car to a GM dealer. It had a stalling problem. Sometimes it would run for an hour, others 5 mins. I took it in, and they installed a new sensor, and told me...
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    WTB: Mountain Bike

    My Brother has a habit of always breaking bikes, so he is looking for a new one. He would like it to be aluminum framed, and needs to be 24", or 26" frame. He is looking to spend around 300 hunnert. If you have one, or have any suggestions, pm me, or contact angryclown1 at hotmail John
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    WTB: Knife Roll

    I want to buy a knife roll. I am cooking up North for the summer, and refuse to take my tool box. If you have a cheap roll, or know where I can get one, PM, or angryclown1 at hotmail Thanks
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    WTB: 92 Saturn SL Engine

    As stated above. Looking for an engine for my Mother's car. Used, rebuilt, whatever. angryclown1 at hotmaildotcom Thanks in advance.
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    Hip Hop records for sale

    So ya,ummm $650 obo for the lot. 1. Between a Rock and a Hard Place- Artifacts—LP 2. Busted Loop-Yaggfu Front-LP 3. Behind Bars-Slick Rick-LP 4. How I’m Comin’-LL Cool J-12” 5. Just a Friend-Biz Markie-12” 6. Intoxicated Demons-The Beatnuts-EP 7. 2000-Grand Puba-LP 8. Live on...
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    I have 3 crates of old hip hop. Is there somewhere online I can find the prices in case I want to sell them? Cheers