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  1. J

    Huh? Monkey Seen in Fancy Winter Coat at Ikea

    My contribution to Monkey Madness 2012...
  2. J

    bounce by the lake with dan, sneak, mes and justin martin

    Fun times to the max! Sneak, Dan and Mes all delivered the goods, but Justin Martin stole the show for me. Sound system and lights were top tier. Really good crowd and the new layout was perfect - lots of room to boogie and the drink service was a breeze. Couldn't ask for a much better Canada...
  3. J

    FS: North Face Gore-Tex Shell

    THE NORTH FACE "M" HALF DOME Gore-Tex Pro Shell Brand New, with tags. Never worn. Asphalt Grey I have one Medium and one Large available. --- Taking hard shells to the next level, this innovative jacket is built with GORE-TEX® Stretch Pro 3L fabric, a first-of-its-kind stretch material...
  4. J

    Americans are balking at the introduction of a $1 coin

    in somewhat unrelated news, the new CAN 100's are super weird feeling and transparent.
  5. J

    [[...might as well face it you're addikted to snow 2011/2012...]]

    I'd hit that cat trip if it was closer to early-mid march. Enjoy! Might hit some cat (or heli if the crew is ballin') with djdoublecross and tackone. Time to step in down a notch... anyone been to Blue lately? How's the snow?
  6. J


    if you've got a 4s iPhone you can tether to a wifi-only ipad right? 3g ipad seems like a waste of cash if that's the case
  7. J

    [[...might as well face it you're addikted to snow 2011/2012...]]

    Heading to Whistler for 5 days at the end of February. Thinking about roaming around BC in early March, maybe rent a car and drive to Kicking Horse, then head over into to Banff. Still just dreaming up ideas. Anyone done the drive from Whistler to Golden? Is there a better way to get there...
  8. J

    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    Attention Tribeland cyclists: I'm selling a couple of mountain bikes... Giant Trance X3 2010 (Size Medium) Trek Fuel 2006 (Size L/XL)
  9. J

    Photography Gear Thread

    Looking at purchasing a lighting kit. Have narrowed it down to these two: Elinchrom D-Lite Kit Bowens Gemini Kit Could any of these seasoned photo dudes weigh in on which is a better kit? It will be mostly for product shots and a little bit of portrait stuff. Thx.
  10. J

    FS: Leafs vs Predators - Tues Nov 16 - Gold Tix

    Leafs vs Predators - Tues Nov 16 - 7pm I am selling a pair of Gold section tickets for tonight's game. Section 118, Row 12, Seats 23 & 24... very close to the ice. Face value is $203 per ticket. Selling the pair for $300 email me ... jidoe [at] rogers.com
  11. J

    Home Beautification and Home Renovation

    Anyone have recommendations for retailers/installers of sound-proof windows? Need to get 2 that are approximately 3 x 5 feet each. So far I've contacted Encore windows, wondering about other options... thx
  12. J

    Sneaks Beats

    There was a lot of anticipation and hype surrounding this party. I wouldn't say it was "bad", but I think overall I was disappointed. I've only seen Ricardo play once, at Mutek last year, and really enjoyed his sound there. I was expecting something exciting from him on Friday... but his set put...
  13. J

    Ice Cream (sherbet, gelato, & frozen yogurt) appreciation thread

    My favourite flavour of Haagen-Dazs is Rocky Road. I regularly eat the entire tub in one sitting. In terms of cones, I really like White Squirrel (across from Trinity Bellwoods). They get their stuff from Greg's I think. The new ice-cream place at the Drake is pretty weak... not enough cream...
  14. J

    Canada Day by the Lake: 12 hrs of dj mixes: Hector Moralez, Loopity Goofs, Gleeson, +

    Roger Ebert was feeling this shit! Here is a snap of him on the dance floor on Canada Day...
  15. J

    Miguel Migs at Sunnyside

    Amazing night all around. Got a full on bass-massage standing in front of the right-hand speaker for most of the evening (bonus: no post-party ear ringing). Migs & Dale delivered some supreme goodness: funky, dirty and delicious stomp-inducing tunes... at time I was literally jumping off the...
  16. J

    Montreal - restaurant recommendations

    thank you for the tips so far... will be looking into the suggestions. vinder let me slip into his crack at pride, I look forward to hearing from him.
  17. J

    Montreal - restaurant recommendations

    I'll be in Montreal in a few weeks for a friends bachelor party weekend. Looking to go out with a group of 10-12 dudes for dinner downtown on Friday night. Doesn't need to be Michelin star material... good food, casual and not crazy-expensive will work. Suggestions?
  18. J

    Topographic Maps

    Does anyone know where I could find line-drawn topographic maps like the one below? I've spent too much time searching online for something that will work. (It would need to be a high-resolution or vector file, not a crappy jpeg). It doesn't have to be a map of any place specific, just...
  19. J

    Exit through the gift shop, a banksy film

    And yes Banksy was very charismatic and insightful, even behind the veil of a voice modulator and grim reaper hoody. Frenchy's enthusiasm and overall positive vibe was cute, but when he "became an artist" he began to irritate me.
  20. J

    Exit through the gift shop, a banksy film

    I think those are fire extinguishers. Kids have been doing that here for awhile already, so we can't really blame the film for that. You can actually buy them already full of paint ;) Great doc. I'm convinced the 'Mr. Brainwash' aspect is fabricated though, it's just another Banksy prank... an...