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    NIN Tix! A.C.C. Nov. 10

    I have 2 pairs of extra tickets to this show. One pair is Sec. 322, ROW 3. The other pair is Sec. 308, ROW 11. For each pair I am asking $160. PM me if you are interested....
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    FS. Pair of U2 Tickets

    - Toronto date at ACC Mon. Sept 12 2005 - Sec. 308 - $400
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    2 KRAFTWERK tix available for this Friday!!!

    These are 2 extra tickets that I have. They are general admission FLOOR (section GA4) at RICOH COLISEUM. The date is Friday April 23rd, 2004. All I want is what I paid for them $56.07. Okay I'll minus the 7 cents. pm me or call 416. 726. 4687 for a good time ;) note: all the...
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    Smiley Jo's Birthday @ Madbar

    Nice to see some faces out that I haven't seen in a while. Finch and Ray Ray did a fabulous job keepin' the propa shit bangin'! Left a little early to catch the rest of Steve's set. Hilight was the asian girl whose ass cheek was practicaly hangin' out an inch from her shorts. Nice outfit but...
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    ricardo villalobos - alcachofa

    :eek: For those that know, and those that don't this is his new album and it's some of the best shit I've heard in a while. Strong points about this album: 1) Very well produced, sounds very lush, deep, bass heavy but insanily crisp! 2) Every track has it's own theme and heads in it's...
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    Le Radiohead [08/15/03]

    As a start to the review I will say 'Holy (insert whatever noun or phrase you feel fitting as I have no words for what I experienced). Anyways let's start the journey... Woke up 6:30am Friday with the candles still flickering and the power still out. Had a full tank of gas in ma' car so I...
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    orange richie's latest mix/CD - Zed's Dead!

    Hello to all the house headz! I've finally put together another mix that I'm using as my current demo. It's been practicaly a year since I put one up on our http://2ammusic.com]2am site[/URL] and that one wasn't even available on CD mainly because I didn't bother making any copies. :p So the...
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    2005 Mustang GT concepts!

    Well, well, well, finaly an american sports car I could drive. What do you guys think? http://www.stangnet.com/mustanggtconcept/ Here are the Technical Specs: Drivetrain layout Front engine, rear-wheel drive Engine type 90-degree MOD V-8, cast-iron block, aluminum heads, belt-driven...
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    Mike Gleeson @ NASA w/ Audio boys!

    So, how was it? I feel really bad for not going after I told Mike I would like 1 hour prior. :( I just couldn't swing it. After driving @m to Jen's I had a hard time keeping awake and barely made it home without dosing off! On top of that I had to wake up at 7 so I needed a good nights rest...
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    Mike Gleeson's new masterpeice: BUMPIN'

    Some of you may already know the 'handywork' Mike does when mixing records. A while back he started a thread in this forum offering to mail out some of his shnazzy mixes to whoever wanted to sample his style for themselves. And the reviews came pouring in. Check it out At the time I had Mike...
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    Timo Maas, Donal Glaude @ SONA!

    Okay, I went down to Montreal with my bro and a couple of friends this past weekend for the Formula 1 event but I wanted to check out the clubs on one of the nights too cuz we all know that Montreal is the shiznat for parties. Well, unfortunately none of the people I went with party, so I...
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    Suicide Bomber!

    This is pretty sick, but hey, give it a shot... or two... http://www.saunalahti.fi/~garon2/bombgame/ Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...
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    Roger 'S-man' Sanchez @ Madbar

    WOW! :eek: lets see, got to Madbar at around 11:30 with my lovely friend Dagmara and was pleasantly surprised to see no line up and the place already rockin' to the sounds of Mr. Sanchez himself. No bullshit line ups to make the club look better from the outside, they just let everyone in and...
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    The Dukes/ Deko-ze @ Tonic

    Drove the Dukes to Tonic @ about 9:40pm and Derek and myself had to wait before the club actualy started letting people in. When they finally got their shit together, the guest list guy didn't even have the list we were on yet. So we left and went to ??? (don't remember) for a beer and...
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    Matt Colerige kicked Clive Henry's Ass!!!!!

    Well, well, well. Coming back from System and another crazy night. Clive Henry spun amazing tracks and set the mood for after hours well. But his mixing skills were not adequate enough for the situation. So.... Mr. Matt Colerige took over and kicked everyone's ass once again... Thank you very...