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    Needed: Tickets for Toronto Marlies on Wednesday

    So, we've been planning a trip for a while to go to the Toronto Marlies / Rochester Americans game on Wednesday morning.. those games never sell out.. but of course this one did because its a school day game. Anyone happen to have 3 tickets, or know of anyone with 3 tickets they'd be willing to...
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    Internal or External Storage?

    Between digital pictures and music, I've run out of hard drive storage space. Transfer speed isn't an issue for me, and it seems like the costs are about the same either way. What's everyone using these days for storage, internal or external hard drives? Anyone have any pro's or con's...
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    FS: Two Tickets Flyers @ Leafs January 5, $100

    Section 319S Row 19, Standing Room Looking for $100, what I paid for them with the service charges and all that jazz.
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    FS: Two tickets for the Sabres vs Pens outdoor game 01/01/08

    Sabres vs Penguins January 1, 2008 Ralph Wilson Stadium Section 104 Row 36 Two seats together Seating Chart - http://www.ticketmaster.com/seatingchart/154/20278/ $400
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    Finally found a way around 'Page Blocked' at work

    after many months away from tribe because it's blocked at work, downloaded and installed this at home and can now get on. not all web sites work the best, but it's better than nothing. http://www.peacefire.org/circumventor/simple-circumventor-instructions.html i'm probably well behind the...
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    TV tuner card not seeing any channels

    Bought a cheap TV Tuner/Capture card, has a Phillips SAA7130 chipset.. hooked the thing up, hooked up cable, autoscan for channels, not seeing any. Had a splitter in the mix, so just hooked up the main cable line directly to the card. Nothing. I hooked up my camcorder to the card and get...
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    Need helping finding a hosting company / 300gb+ a month bandwidth

    First.. Canaca is not an option, and 1and1 has a limitation of 100mb for database size, so they're out of the question as well. Anyone have any other recommendations for at least 10gb of storage and say 300 to 400gb of bandwidth, and under $20 a month? Only other requirement is that they...
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    Fuck You Canaca!!

    I just need a moment to vent... over the past few weeks my site has gone done on average of twice every 3 days. On January 1st they "switched my site to a new server" and while doing so they restored a backup from December 22nd, instead of simply copying everything to the new server (I know, i...
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    Anyone been having issues with Canaca lately?

    It seems like it's been one issue after another with them lately. Most recently something happened on there end and they restored a backup of my site from 12/22. wtf. I'm starting to think it's time to find another host, but they're prices are great for how much bandwidth I use.
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    how can an .img file be extracted?

    Downloaded a movie thats an .img file.. I don't have a dvd burner, usually just extract movies, toss them on the Xbox and play them. This is the first time I've encountered this type of file and can't find any way to extract it.
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    Anyone ever goto the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC?

    If so, any suggestions in terms of places to be able to watch the parade and not be packed in like sardines? I'll be with my fiance and son (1.5+ year old).. found a couple 'recomendations' online, but i'm sure everyone else has found the same sites as well. I know we could easily watch it...
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    Switching master hard drive from one pc to another / doesnt boot

    I've never done this before, so maybe I'm missing something or it just might not work. Anyways, I have a p2 350, was given an amd 700.. figured I'd switch all the hardware from one to the other. Put the hard drive in, turned on the amd system, started to boot, then saw a blue screen and it...
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    The Bills are probably benching Losman against Miami..

    So much for investing in a "franchise" quarterback. Let's hope the coaches smarten up and stop benching the kid before he demands to get outta town.
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    the internet sucks on friday nights

    when you're stuck at work the end.
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    Live 8 Live....

    http://music.aol.com/live_8_concert/live_now U2 on right now, no idea what the schedule for the day is though.
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    another big torrent site bites the dust..

    http://www.elitetorrents.org/ Ya would think that the people who run these sites would do so from countries where they don't give a fuck so they can't be shut down. Looks like I'll be under investigation! hahah
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    baby and cat meet squirrel.. priceless pic!

    I felt this picture I took yesterday deserved its own thread.. I think this may get enlarged and hung on the wall forever. We have a bird feeder on our patio and the squirrel comes to visit every day..
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    ever ask the stall next to you for reading material?

    if they have the whole newspaper laying on the floor half way under the stall wall, is it rude to ask for a section to read? ever done it?
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    Come in here if you have to fart

    Excuse me!!
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    Can't foil breathalyser with feces!!!

    This guy gets the "wtf" award of the year so far....