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    Carl Cox

    Carl Rocked it!! I'm not sure what party you guys where at but that was fucking sick!! Carl laid down track after track of relentless techno all night. Then he was dropping fresh breaks with Sneak. That was awesome.
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    When is Carl Cox returning to Toronto

    His website says November 12th but he's also in Washington that day? Does anyone know if he's coming fo sho?technics1200
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    Thriller at Koolhaus

    This was a pretty solid jam. Does anyone have the track ID's for Steve Lawler and Carl Cox?
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    any good techno jams coming up?

    Carl Cox & Steve Lawler at Koolhaus Oct 30th On both of these guys websites it states that they will be at the Koolhaus on October 30th, but I haven't seen any tickets for sale or any promotions for this jam. Has anyone heard about this?technics1200
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    LF: Villa in Ibiza. July 25th- July 31st

    Thanks all. Villa booked in Jesus..."nobody fucks with the Jesus"
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    LF: Villa in Ibiza. July 25th- July 31st

    I'm looking to rent a 6-10 person villa in Ibiza. Does anyone know of a good spot to stay. There are lots of options but I rather choose something that someone has stayed at rather than going by pictures I see on the net. Lemme know Word up.
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    Sasha and Digweed Ultra 3/27 2010

    I'm not sure if this is a conspiracy or not but I can't for the life of me find a mint copy of S&D's set from Ultra. The only copy I can find sounds like it was recorder with a cell phone. I know I set this dope didn't go unrecorded. Please for the love of driving progressive house; send me...
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    Wanted: Peter & Tyrone mixes

    You are soooo right. I must have looked up a remix. Thanks man.
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    WMC 2010 reviews

    Ultra 2010 I attended Ultra on Saturday. It was incredible!!! It was our first time down so we decided to get VIP passes. They allowed us to go backstage which was cool but that was about the only major benefit. I wouldn't get them again. The best venue inside was by far the Carl Cox and...
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    Wanted: Peter & Tyrone mixes

    LOL, nope that track is from 2005. This tape was mixed in 1998? Anyone else have the tracklisting for this dope classic?
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    Wanted: Peter & Tyrone mixes

    T-Dot, Thanks so much for posting the Session's 8 tape. That was one of my favorite tapes back in the day. I was thinking about the first track on side b just the other day at the gym. Do you happen to know the name of it. I'd like to get my hands on that record. Word up.
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    LF: Beggin' Pilooski radio edit

    I heard this break on the Addidas commericial. Let me know if you want to sell me the 12" Thanks
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    LF: You got me burning up 2008

    I'm looking for the 12" of You got Me burning up 2008. Tim Davison remix. Let me know if you would like to part with it.
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    drunks of tribe: booze trolley $40

    Is this still available?
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    LF: DJ table for 2 techs,mixer and amp

    I'm looking for a slim line table to hold my 2 techs, Mixer and Amp. I saw a lot of cool ones online but they only deliver to the US. Does anyone have a used one or is willing to build me one? In a perfect world I'd like to have a table where my decks and mixer are flush with the...
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    LF: Loft to lease

    I know someone's got something for me!!
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    LF: Loft to lease

    Still looking I'm still looking but have narrowed down my search area to Queen West. If anyone has or knows a friend that has a unit available please let me know. thanks M@technics1200
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    Tracklisting for Sander K. Ultra radio 4/12/08

    Does anyone have the track listing for this set. I know a few tracks but there are so many I need help with. Anything you can offer would be great. thanks M@
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    LF: Loft to lease

    loft Thanks for the tip, I've been on view it and craigslist (auto refreshing every 10 mins) however there seems to be a bidding war on every place I look. I'm reaching out to those people that may know a friend or see a listing posted in their loft building. Thanks M
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    LF: Loft to lease

    Hello, I'm looking to lease a loft for about a year. Ideally I would like a "True" loft with high ceilings, brick walls etc. but may settle for a "soft" loft. I'm looking to pay up to $1700 a month. I need this for Sept 1 but I will take it sooner if the right space becomes available...