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    Radiohead....has landed!

    Not to rub it in, but I was there... quite good! But now I may be out Radiohead tix too...
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    Recommend A Comedian

    Brian Regan John Caparulo Dimitri Martin Don f'n Rickles!
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    Favorite Movies of 2007

    Off the top of my head... Once After the Wedding I'm Not There
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    The Dark Knight

    It will be! I saw Batman Begins in IMAX at The Paramount.
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    The Dark Knight

    Do you mean what is the link b/w I Am Legend and Batman and why the trailer / preview is with it? The link is both are being distributed by Warner Bros. Or did you mean something else...?
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    Wu Tang Clan - 8 Diagrams Thread

    After a run-through I'd have to say it's underwhelming for sure. I love the first track, Meth/Ghosts' b2b verses are amazing. Like HighSteppa said ^, I admire the direction RZA went in, it's a different sound but really I think there are more failures than successes. Sometimes the lyrics/flows...
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    The Nintendo DS!!!

    Holy shit thanks. Those reviews are amazingly funny. I churned through all of them.
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    Demetri Martin Fan Club

    Got to big up for Brian Regan. Saw him in the fall at Winter Garden, was amazing. Got to get his DVD's... I'm a fan of Gerry Dee now too thanks to Last Comic Standing although that show's format drives me nuts. I can't believe the guy who won actually won...
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    if it worked for kanye... maybe it can make me money too!!!

    EDDDD, whut up. That was awful. Worst hook ever.
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    New Wu track - Watch Your Mouth

    another track New track available on loud.com, The Heart Gently Weeps w/ E Badu Again, Raekwon sounds like he just woke up... are these tracks finished?? At least Ghost instills some life into it.
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    New Wu track - Watch Your Mouth

    Yeah i dig it as a Wu song, but meh... underwhelming. And Rae does sound sleepy doesn't he?
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    New Wu track - Watch Your Mouth

    Anyone else hear this yet? I've listened to it about 5 times now. A weird choice (although i have no idea what the other options were) for a single (again, assuming it's lead single)... very ominous + dark strings and relatively slow beat. Doesnt sound Rza-ey to me either (I read that he...
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    Daft Punk - Arrow Hall

    Anyone have any idea re: set times etc?
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    Transformers Full Theatrical Trailer

    Saw this tonight at The Varsity and it's a blast. Of course you're gonna get the typical M. Bay cheesy shots but the CGI etc is just incredible. I was surprised at how funny the movie was. Labouf showed a lot of comic range and it brings me hope for continued humour in Indy IV. The flick did...
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    Working in Bermuda?

    One of my best friends left for Bermuda about a year ago for a great job in IT as well as to be with his gf who also has a great job with a bank. They both get paid quite well. I spoke to him recently and thought that he would return in about a year's time (his contract is 2, his gf's - now...
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    Will Ferrel vs. THE LANDLORD

    Apparently it's director Adam McKay's daughter.
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    Silent Movies - recommendations?

    I love Cabinet of Dr. Caligari... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0010323/ Short too, just over an hour
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    what kind of fuckery is this?

    Went through frustration to the nth degree to find tix but managed to, but this was weeks ago. Can't f'n wait. Thank God for the 2nd show addition. Over futile odds And laughed at by the gods And now the final frame Love is a losing game....
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    LF: Amy Winehouse tix

    Looking for a pair of Amy Winehouse tix for her show at Mod Club. Danke!
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    Oh so parts were funny. Caine wasn't his father btw.