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    Thoughts on the new BeatPort Interface?

    I have been trying to use the new site. I know "change is difficult..." and all that. I try not to be the cranky and say the old ways are best. However, it does take some time to get used to. I was familiar with the old version and preferred it over other sites. I felt it was intuitive and...
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    WestsideWax - whyyoustarteddancingtotechnointhefirstplace

    Please don't get soft.
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    WestsideWax - For Those About To Percuss...We Salute You!

    This is a really nice mix of straight forward techno for the ADD crowd (me). This mix moves along swiftly and is quite the ride. Always a pleasure to hear your mixes WWW. You've got plenty of quality tunes. I may not know 'em all, but I like them and your style. Keep up the great work. Thanks...
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    Mix: Patchwork - tech-house/techno

    It can be found here (from the archives):http://soundcloud.com/erk-4/patchwork
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    The Dub Techno Sound Of Berlin

    Nice mix Placid. You've got some of my faves in there from Convextion to a number of Chain Reaction goodies. It was nice to hear a lengthy set of good ol' techno that warps you up in a warm blanket. I really enjoyed it. Cheers.
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    Stewart Douglas "new breed" - mix

    Hey, I don't happen to have "New Breed" so I guess this post isn't helpful at all. However, I do have the following: Back N' Black 45 too all my friends 3 Deck made in Italy Fuck me Deep and Hard Ventilation 2 Resurgence Joint Effort All great mixes.
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    Did anybody actually go to the Jeff Mills party?

    The Polish Hall was a fun location. It worked well for this night and everyone working the hall were super nice and friendly. Got there just about the time Mills got on. Sad to miss Jamie Kidd. If anyone was expecting a Mills three turntable banger, they'd be disappointed. I was expecting...
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    Local techno producers

    Aside from your mentions: Greg Gow naw Adam Winick is still making stuff, no? Vergel? link to some older discussion: http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/techno-room/63175-torontos-underrated-techno-producers.html
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    Bleep 230: Trevor Wilkes

    With all today's micro genre sets it's good to hear sets like yours. You've been doing Bleep forever now. Good for you. Hat's off to the commitment of a (quality) weekly show for such a long time.
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    Bleep 230: Trevor Wilkes

    See? This is all kids of goodness. Trev, you've got your own style and it is bangin'. Who can go from the hard techno of Bracket, get to me losing my mind at the housey DJ Sneak tune, then back to hard techno? I know, it's you. What I've always admired about your sets is your ability to span...
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    Track ID Steve Rachmad set...

    I posted a question on the set. We'll see if it gets answered. You guys are funny, thanks for making me smile.
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    Track ID Steve Rachmad set...

    Wondering if anyone can help with this stringey detroit sounding tune. It's here: djmixes - Steve Rachmad - Ibiza Voice Podcast - 04.04.2010 - SoundCloud at 59:47. Thanks.
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    Sakurafest in High Park 2010

    What a beautiful event. Nice tunes, nice location, nice atmosphere, nice people. It was a nice chill Sunday.
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    Blatant rip offs or coincidence?

    Jeff Mills "Changes of Life" [Tresor] 1992 YouTube - Jeff Mills / Changes of Life Kink "Existence" [Ovum] 2010 - it's on the Rachel EP. I found the clip at Decks Records - Online Vinyl Shop - Techno, House, Trance, Black, Dubstep, DJ Equipment, Clubwear - Your Underground Music Shop I...
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    Dying Star - Ambient

    Don't expect any beats in this one. Think of the Planetarium (when it was open) right beside the ROM on University Ave. Dying Star - April 2010 - 49:10 - 160 Kb/s Tracklist: “Signal” Symplx [Steel City Records] “Rainbow Voice” David Hykes/The Harmonic Choir [Milan] “Monk With Bell”...
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    Bleep 205: BeNi (Germany)

    Another nice one for the bleep radio sessions. Keep up the nice work Isoprax & guests.
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    Blatant rip offs or coincidence?

    Wow, that "Chicago Groove" tune seems to be raising a bunch of ire in the comment section under the youtube links. I have sometimes liked a remix of an older song better or just as much as the original. However, those were remixes. If you like this song that's great. If you like the hypnotic...
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    Bleep 201: Trevor Wilkes

    Congrats on Show 201! Yeah, I missed out on posting it for your 200th. I know doing a weekly show/podcast is a bit of work and I understand the time involved, etc. You've been growing Bleep Radio and fun in the murky for years now. Superb mixes laid down by you or guests. Well done Isoprax...
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    Blatant rip offs or coincidence?

    Just heard a track "Chicago Groove" by Tapesh. Sounds like "Quo Vadis" to me with a few swishes and some vocalizing. The song is certainly old enough that people may not know the original. Some don't know Madonna sampled ABBA for "Hung Up", P ditty's didn't make up that Daft Punk sample, and...
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    My house is built of records AKA I still buy em do you?

    Nice. I have 2 Sunkissed EP's on Woodwork. I imagine you picked up one of them WSW. Stellar EP's in my opinion.