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    Rents - Trick of the Light

    https://hearthis.at/xQfwkPWp/rents-trick-of-the-light/ My first mix in a while is a full drum n bass mix that weaves through a bunch of styles. Enjoy. :) Tracklist: 1. Mutt - Conversations (Rene Lavice & Gremlinz remix) 2. Mako - Too Broke to Get it 3. Calibre - Mr Right On 4...
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    Supreme Court green lights Dr-assisted-suicide

    Canadians have right to doctor-assisted suicide, Supreme Court rules - The Globe and Mail Great news.
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    Alien Isolation

    Anyone play this yet? I'm not a gamer but this looks the business. I've watched a few online reviews and I'm impressed with the atmosphere, the audio, and the close detail replicating the original Alien film. The premise is set around Ellen Ripley's daughter search for her mother and...
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    Boston bomber on the cover of Rolling Stone

    An interesting one. Should the Boston bombing suspect be on the cover of Rolling Stone? - Your Community On one hand the media have already exhausted the image of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, on the other, Rolling Stone is synonymous with a rock 'n roll lifestyle... So, is this shameful and somewhat...
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    DJs you want to see

    A few names that i'd love to see who are typically creating excellent work: Jack Dixon FaltyDL Mala Pearson Sound Martyn
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    Rents - Music for Replicants (Ode to Blade Runner)

    http://soundcloud.com/rents08/rents-music-for-replicants I nerded out and put together a tribute to Blade Runner. The mix is peppered with dialogue, sound effects (rain and sounds of the city), and samples from the timeless Vangelis score. There are other nods to early John Carpenter...
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    wow, get a load of this inbred hick

    https://twitter.com/#!/Walken4GOP :O I love his description: -Christian Conservative, Hunting, Nascar, Jesus, NObama, GOP, Tea Party, USA, WANT MY COUNTRY BACK! Libtards aint welcome here! #Romney2012 Houston, Texas Reading his mind poured out on Twitter has an almost surreal nature...
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    Kon at Drake Basement

    I was recently turned on to Kon (and Amir) through fellow Triber Deevah. He'd been making waves through Gilles Peterson's radio show. So, we rolled up around 1am to check him out at the Drake basement. He ripped the place apart with a solid selection of funk, disco and heavy grooves. The...
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    Gilles Peterson “Soundsystem Culture and Dancefloor Retrospective"

    Wow, check this out: Download link in this link. Gilles Peterson “Soundsystem Culture and Dancefloor Retrospective” – BBC Radio1 | Music Is My Sanctuary Gilles’s third retrospective takes on dancefloor and soundsystem culture, with a focus on Broken Beat, Brazilian Drum and Bass and the...
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    Every issue of Muzik Magazine in pdf

    muzik magazine :O Damn, this magazine was my bible. I used to anticipate every issue.
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    Rents - Sun 'N Bass (warm drum 'n bass)

    Winter blues got you down? I quickly threw together this selection of summery dnb. Loaded with vocals, warm pads & bass lines, and an array of drum work, it should hit the spot. I dropped in a few classics too. technics1200 I'll post the tracklist later when i get home. enjoy :)...
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    Favourite films of 2011

    10 films in no particular order: Martha May Marcy Marlene Dir: Sean Durkin Meek's Cutoff Dir: Kelly Reichardt Of Gods and Men Dir: Xavier Beauvois Café De Flore Dir: Jean-Marc Vallée Tree of Life Dir: Terrence Malick The Ides of March Dir: George Clooney Another Year Dir: Mike Leigh The...
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    Rents - Retrospective V1 (jazz, funk and Detroit influenced dnb)

    A trip back to an era when drum 'n bass expanded into numerous directions and showcased incredible talent. Almost every tune was released between 95-98 (with a few exceptions). This will be the first in a series examining the influence that jazz, funk and the essence of Detroit had on the genre...
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    Alex Jones

    I've never really paid much attention to him as his loud-mouthed, abrasive style doesn't appeal to me. I just viewed his interview with comedian Doug Stanhope and his viewpoints are all over the map. I'm assuming that there are a few people on here who regularly check him out. If so, what's...
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    Afro-fest cancelled???

    What the fuck? City denies Afrofest an event permit | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun Nice 'journalism' from The Sun. I can't believe they used the words 'Dark continent'... and some lovely right-wing comments to back it all up in the comments section. Clearly from people that refuse to...
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    Far-Right British group to do anti-islamist rally in Toronto

    Controversial anti-Islamic group plans rally in Toronto
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    Four Tet and Jon Hopkins

    Jon Hopkins Stole the show. Sorry Kieran, I love you but Mr Hopkins hit me with a left hook. I hadn't really heard his material apart from his remix of Four Tet's 'Angel Echoes'. He started off with some low key glitchy fair, splicing heavy basslines through cut up drums. Then he upped it to...
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    Rents - A Fresh Perspective Volume 4 (deep and atmospheric drum n bass)

    Really deep for the first half then it picks up considerable steam. A mixed bag of styles and vibes. Enjoy and feedback is welcome :) DNBSHARE.COM 1. D-Bridge - Memory Park 2. D-Bridge, Instra:mental & Skream - Acacia Avenue 3. ASC - Porcelain 4. Blu Mar Ten - She moves through (ASC...
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    Rents - Close Encounters Volume 3 (Eclectic selection)

    An eclectic steppy mix incorporating influences in reggae, techno, house, breakbeat, downtempo and trip hop. I had a lot of fun throwing this one together. I'd say this is the strongest in the series and the most broad-sounding, Enjoy and feedback is always welcome. DNBSHARE.COM 1...
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    80s atmospheric synth music help

    Hey. I'm looking to compile a bunch of synthy stuff from the 80s. I'm talking about music akin to soundtrack and atmospheric material from that era like Tangerine Dream's 'Love on a Real Train' or Jan Hammer's 'Crocketts Theme'. Anyone recommend anything?