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    When is Carl Cox returning to Toronto

    His website says November 12th but he's also in Washington that day? Does anyone know if he's coming fo sho?technics1200
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    Thriller at Koolhaus

    This was a pretty solid jam. Does anyone have the track ID's for Steve Lawler and Carl Cox?
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    LF: Villa in Ibiza. July 25th- July 31st

    I'm looking to rent a 6-10 person villa in Ibiza. Does anyone know of a good spot to stay. There are lots of options but I rather choose something that someone has stayed at rather than going by pictures I see on the net. Lemme know Word up.
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    Sasha and Digweed Ultra 3/27 2010

    I'm not sure if this is a conspiracy or not but I can't for the life of me find a mint copy of S&D's set from Ultra. The only copy I can find sounds like it was recorder with a cell phone. I know I set this dope didn't go unrecorded. Please for the love of driving progressive house; send me...
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    LF: Beggin' Pilooski radio edit

    I heard this break on the Addidas commericial. Let me know if you want to sell me the 12" Thanks
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    LF: You got me burning up 2008

    I'm looking for the 12" of You got Me burning up 2008. Tim Davison remix. Let me know if you would like to part with it.
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    LF: DJ table for 2 techs,mixer and amp

    I'm looking for a slim line table to hold my 2 techs, Mixer and Amp. I saw a lot of cool ones online but they only deliver to the US. Does anyone have a used one or is willing to build me one? In a perfect world I'd like to have a table where my decks and mixer are flush with the...
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    Tracklisting for Sander K. Ultra radio 4/12/08

    Does anyone have the track listing for this set. I know a few tracks but there are so many I need help with. Anything you can offer would be great. thanks M@
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    LF: Loft to lease

    Hello, I'm looking to lease a loft for about a year. Ideally I would like a "True" loft with high ceilings, brick walls etc. but may settle for a "soft" loft. I'm looking to pay up to $1700 a month. I need this for Sept 1 but I will take it sooner if the right space becomes available...
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    LF: House music identification specialist

    I while back I downloaded a Danny Howells set. I didn't listen to it until recently and I want to know the names of all the tracks. The only clues I have is that it's from Metrodance (as it keeps saying Metreodance through out). The track I really need id'd is the first one. It has a...
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    LF: Records

    F.E.A.R - Ian Brown Tomaz vs Filterheadz - "Sunshine" Shiloh- Dream on Let me know if anyone wants to part with these. I will go to the ends of the earth to pick up if necessary. I need it before next weekend to complete my masterpiece. technics1200 Thanks M@
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    LF: dave seaman at Live at Plattenleger sept 19 2005 tracklisting

    So if you got it please post for me. Thanks M@
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    LF: FEAR - Ian Brown - UNKLE remix 12"

    I will pay top $$$. I really need this tune by tomorrow. I will go anywhere to get it, I will do anything required...almost. Please if you have this record, sell it to me. I'll make it worth your while. technics1200
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    LF: Say what you want 12"

    Does anyone one have a copy of this that they wouldn't mind parting with. I would really like to drop this track on Boxing Day and Juno can't get it to me by then. I'll pay top dolla!! Send a pm. Thanks M
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    LF: Sunglasses

    Does anyone know where I can get a nice pair of shades for not so much money?:cool:
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    LF: Loft to rent

    I'm looking for a small loft (or unique space) to rent. I don't want to pay that much as....well, I rather spend my money other things. Besides www.viewit.ca what are other good loft rental websites. I rember seeing one that start with and "a" but can't remember what it's called. Let me...
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    LF: Records Will pay top $$

    I'm looking for the following tracks. Let me know if ya wanna sell them A little my funk - DJ Simi & Master Keys Carismo (aaryn blaine remix) - Steve Porter and DJ Hush (I'll pay any $$) Deer in the headlights - DJ Hell Remix - Chelonis R. Jones Shake it up (orig mix) or (Geisha mix)...
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    Carl Cox is BACK!!

    He's black and he's back Sept 27. @ TIL. Who's looking forward to hearing some hard driving techno?
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    LF: Shout (Tears for Fears) - The remixes 12" (skylark mix)

    The above says it all. I will make somebody very wealthy if they'll sell this to me. I'M RICH BIATCH!!!technics1200
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    LF: Inside My Head - Depech Mode?? 12"

    Not sure if this is the title or the artist. My buddy has this on a blue record (white label). It seems like the dominent lyric is " Something.....inside my head", it was this dark bass line too. I need this record. Someone please help me. It would make my legions of fans around the globe...