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    New Wu track - Watch Your Mouth

    Anyone else hear this yet? I've listened to it about 5 times now. A weird choice (although i have no idea what the other options were) for a single (again, assuming it's lead single)... very ominous + dark strings and relatively slow beat. Doesnt sound Rza-ey to me either (I read that he...
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    LF: Amy Winehouse tix

    Looking for a pair of Amy Winehouse tix for her show at Mod Club. Danke!
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    Nice voice impersonations

    Dude from MAD TV mimicking LL, Hova, DMX and Snoop: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1723774
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    Bachelor party ideas for Vegas

    Searches only came up with Bachelorette party ideas so... Combined bachelor parties heading to Vegas at end of August for 4 days. Other than rippers and surrendering to Gamblor, anything else really fun to do there day/night? Embarassing things to pull on the two men getting married...
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    Ghostface - Fishscale

    Anyone listen to this yet? I've given it a once-through quickly last week. Stellar shit. Can always depend on Ghost even though he's not my fav Wu member. So consistent.
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    Did Coldplay break up???

    http://entertainment.iafrica.com/music/news/903984.htm or bullshit
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    Franz Ferd @ Ricoh

    Just got back. What a brisk show! On at 9:15 and off at 10:30, 1 encore. But they played a lot of their material so I don't feel ripped. Ricoh Centre - too cavernous for that band - came off only like 70% full (if that). Sound was on the high end. Wish I caught them at Kool Haus, I bet it...
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    New Franz Ferdinand record...

    Anyone have this? Worth picking up? I am scared of the sophomore jinx but every review I've read has been positive (none overwhelming but positive nonetheless).
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    Help this soccer noob

    After recently joining a team at work and playing, I've re-kindled my love for this sport. I've only ever been a casual fan but I want to change that. I'm a little overwhelmed on where to start in getting more knowledge about the different leagues and players. Should I just start small...
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    Coolest names

    Watching doc "Scratch" today and was reminded of the fucking sick monikers all the X-ecutioners have: Mista Sinista Rob Swift (just his name sounds cool) Total Eclipse Roc Raida All of them just project so well...any personal fav clever/cool sounding names of MC's and/or DJ's you have...
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    DJ Darth Vader!

    http://www.djkeltech.com/video/KELTECH_STRIKES_BACK.wmv ...awaits timeline....
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    Antoine Clamaran

    Republik June 4th. Anyone headed to this? I went to Republik this week to check out the club for my company, looks nice. Love Claraman's production but have never heard any sets.
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    Common's new album

    Worth getting? Reviews?
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    New show - Beauty and the...geek.

    http://www.thewb.com/Shows/GenericShow/0,11116,228773,00.html Check out the Sneak Peek... :p
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    Fun Time Waster - guess the logo letters

    http://www.joeykatzen.com/alpha/ver4/#guess Need help! Go to 4th edition.
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    Follow Me video spoof

    http://www.muchosucko.com/video-dontfallonme.html Humourous, but loses steam after a while. But still. ... love that track.
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    Elektra...good God

    This is one of those movies where you wonder how sad it is that so much time, talent (i use this word loosely), and money is wasted on this dreck, which is honestly one of the worst movies I've seen in years. I sat there wondering could I have made this film? Seriously if they gave me heaps of...
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    The Woodsman - Free pass - for tonight though...

    Anyone want? Tix for you + 1 Kevin Bacon, Ben Bratt... Bacon did something very bad...trying to reinsert into society. 7:00 PM Cumberland...will have to be there by 6:30. PM if want! Cheers
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    The Stars

    Well, we got there late, and actually only caught about 1/2 the show i think. Apparently, the show wasn't long anyways... I've only listened to their stuff a couple times at work, and agreed to go after seeing Feist. Let me just say I loved the Mod Club - great sightlines from any spot...
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    Fine Art Appreciation Thread

    Did a search, couldn't find one, sooooo: Went to the Modigliani exhibit on Sunday - I am a mere casual fan of fine art, but when I do take the time to make it out to see a certain exhibit, I am always happy I did. Yesterday was no different. I was suprised at how much his portaits pop out...