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    WTS - Snowtires with Rims (185 65 R 14) 5x100 Bolt Pattern

    I have a full set of snow tires for sale, originally for a '98 Plymouth Neon, sold the car but the tires stayed and I can't use them They are BF Goodrich Winter Slalom tires, they have had 2 winters on them and have plenty of tread left, rims are included. $400 OBO
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    Apple Announcements

    30 minute movie downloads if you have 5 mbps internet.
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    os x - bootcamp install

    if you want to run your old Sierra RPGs run them under QEMU. Dos emulator for linux. That's what I use to play all my dos games :) QEMU OS X Binaries
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    Windows Vista

    I had lots of fun installing the Vista beta. Completely hosed my drive, wipeing out the partition table. Fun fun fun.
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    best way to move data from one computer to another

    Stack them on top of each other with the one you want the data moved to on the bottom. Let gravity take care of the rest.
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    Convert video to mp4

    learn to use ffmpeg then.
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    What's the best free FTP software?

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    Convert video to mp4

    iTunes will do it, add the video to your iTunes library, and you can convert it for iPod. FFMPEG is free, and can be used to convert video to almost any format.
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    Apple laptop battery recall

    This is the same batch of recalls. The story is just late.
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    Congradulations to Boo, He's getting married at the CNE

    Congradulations Boo, on your upcoming wedding at the CNE. It should be a blast! Marriage on the Midway
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    Anakin vs. Boo

    You're half right, our parents are acting like the emperor trying to control and twist our wedding to their will. This will help us win it back to our side!
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    Tribers! I need your help to get married!

    Better picture, I don't know where she found that pic of me.
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    Tribers! I need your help to get married!

    Oh, we're serious. Helps us reclaim our wedding from our run amok parents too. ;)
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    Tribers! I need your help to get married!

    Hey Guys and Gals. My fiance and I are finalists in a contest to win our wedding, and we could really use your help with votes. The wedding is at the CNE on Aug 26th if we win. The contest voting is here: http://www.northamericanmidway.com/motm/cne/weddingvote.aspx We're Staysea...
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    Hacking GM's OnStar...

    Just on GM cars? Do you think any one would notice? Aren't they usually going slow or broken down?
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    osx system utilities???

    To uninstall just drag it to the trash. Typically, the only things left behind are preference files in your Library/Preferences directory. What kind of system tasks do you want to do?
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    Hacking Wireless WEP?

    If he's using a 40 bit key, depending on how many packets are sent, you could collect enough weak packets to crack the key in an hour. 128 would take considerably longer. Want to know if your key is good enough, if it's a dictionary word, it's not.
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    Monster DVD cables

    Yes. You're right. Distance can be a factor with digital signals, but over distances larger than typically found in a home theatre setup. Try to buy cables that are just the right length, particularily when you are sending analogue signals. Keeps the signal cleaner, by providing less of a...
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    That is true. I have a MacBook, and do run windows on it occasionally under virtualization, and it's quite fast, to be honest my MacBook Core Duo 1.83 runs faster than my P4 3.0. However, the graphics on the laptops are shared, so not so good for games. PC is still the economical choice for...