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    Happy Happy Day KiFe!

    Happy Birthday Love! It wouldn't be quite right without a thread on tribe ;) Perhaps there will even be thread crapping? heh Here's to another year of snowboarding, mountainbiking, photo taking, dog walking, pun-making, and just generall adventure taking!! Looking forward to dinner...
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    Kife...you are officially an OLD MAN!

    haha...just kidding babe! You have a long way to go yet ;) Happy Birthday my love! Hope your day is full of fantastic puns, crazy amazing textures and working pipelines! Looking forward to many more years ahead :D Love ya to bits! xoxo Amy PS. Huxley says 'waf waf waf' which...
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    Tax Question RE: Moving Expenses...HELP!!

    Ok so here's the scenario: Moved to BC to work at new company. Company either paid for or reimbursed most of the costs of moving. Most reimbursements are considered non-taxable benefits and are not included on the T4 slip. However - a certain amount was included on the T4 slip for...
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    happy birthday echo!

    My own birthday thread! AHA! Fooled you all! In the guise of echo, I present to you the Miraculously self-inflicted birthday thread... of grandeur! So it's Amy's birthday.. She's a beautiful vixxen and I love her to bits! Let us all rejoyce in celebration! I love you honeybug. -KiFe
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    Happy Birthday Baby! Last year at this time, who would have thought that within a year our lives would change so much (for the better of course)!! Here's hoping this year brings as much excitement as the last :D Perhaps a puppy of our own? Crazy BBQ partys? Camping in the...
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    MOVING SALE - many items to peruse!

    Preparing for a move and found a bunch of stuff to sell/give away! 6' Fake Pine Christmas Tree - great condition - $20.00 Lean and Mean George Forman Grilling Machine - few small scratches inside - still works like a charm - $20.00 Humidifier - only used for one winter...
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    FS: Ladies FLOW bindings!

    Just in time for the new season!! Ladies FLOW bindings. Only worn for one season - in pristine condition!! Size medium - fits size 6 to 8 ladies boot (might fit as small as 5 or as large as 9 depending on the make of the boot) Asking $120.00
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    Congratulations Kevin and Sarah!!

    They did it!! Kev and Sarah have now become a part of the husband and wife crew!!!! And WHAT an amazing wedding it was! Just got back from the celebrations, and I have to say that I have never had so much fun at a wedding in all my life!! Sarah looked soooooo beautiful and Kev looked...
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    FS: Gamecube Bundle

    Gamecube + 2 controllers + Memory Card + the following games: Legend of Zelda - Windwaker Mario Kart - Double Dash Beyond Good and Evil Metroid Prime Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (don't ask - hehe) Everything is in tip top condition!! Perfect gift for that adorable...
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    Murphy and his Damn Laws!

    After checking the weather network only to find that they are calling for unseasonably mild temps yet AGAIN I thought to myself: Isn't if funny how now that I actually WANT it to be cold and snowy in the winter (due to my new found love for snowboarding) it's actually mild and rainy!!! I...
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    uh oh HELP!

    So it seems as though I have deleted my entire inbox on Microsoft outlook - yikes! I was just going through and highlighting emails to delete when all of sudden it completely erased them all!! Does anyone know of any magical button that will bring them all back by chance? I will be...
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    Happy Birthday KiFe!!

    Happy Birthday to the BESTEST BOYFRIEND in the whole wide world :D I might be a wee bit early with my wishes, but I didn't want anyone else to beat me to the punch! You know I love you with all my heart. In fact, so much so, that some days I think it just might burst :) This year...
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    After much searchin, perserverence, patience, and hard work....Patrick has landed himself a career making job!! Ever since Patrick has graduated from school, he has had his eye on a company called C.O.R.E.. C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures continues to expand as Canada's leading visual effects...
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    I think girl's nite out should be a mandatory requirement at LEAST once a month! :D haha And who really uses "FWIW" anyways??
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    Advice on where to buy soccer/football cleats?

    I am playing ultimate frisbee this summer and I need to get a pair of cleats. My problem is....where do I find a store that actually has some selection when it comes to cleats? I already checked out Eaton's Centre and Sportchek was the only place that had girl's cleats....a whole 2 styles...
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    How much info can a landlord get when doing a credit check?

    Just curious...when a landlord does a credit check, what are they looking for? Can they check your bank balances? Or do they just run a credit check through the credit bureaus? How quickly can they usually get all this completed? I have put an application in to rent a place for July...
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    Tax Re-assessment MY ASS!!

    So I get home from a long day at the office, only to find a letter from Canada Customs.... "hmmmm...I wonder what this is....don't think I'm due for my GST cheque yet..." *opens envelope* Oh wait now, hold the phones, what's that....it says I OWE $1300.00 FUCKING DOLLARS!!! That's...
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    BRT - that 420 guy -

    Your mail box is full and I have a quick question/favour to ask of you! Ummmm yeah, so can you empty your box you popular guy you! Thanks :) amy
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    Help...I need a seamstress or tailor for alterations!

    So I bought a lovely one-piece geek boutique outfit about 3 weeks ago and it fits great everywhere EXCEPT for in the bodice area, where I am having some major gaping issues (and no a push up bra does not help :)). I really wanna get the gaping fixed but am a little hesitant to take it to...
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    How can I find out if a company has Canadian assets?

    I need to find out if a company has Canadian assets. Is there any easy way to do this without actually calling the company and asking them directly? Any websites or telephone numbers etc? Any people out there that can help me out with this? Thanks! Amy