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    Soapy - Nights of the Jackalope - House

    Nice Up late working on a project, listening to this :) Mega Dope Mix Soapy.
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    DJ A_Doe - October 2012 House Mix

    Hey thanks for checking out the mix. I was able to find Soapy on Soundcloud from the Toronto area. Those mixes are fresh man - "Nights of the Jackalope" ftw.
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    DJ A_Doe - October 2012 House Mix

    These are some of the house tracks that I collected over the summer all mixed up for your listening convenience :D http://soundcloud.com/a_doe/october-2012-house-mix Track List: 1. Nick Garcia - To The Beat (Hector Moralez Ghetto Mix) - Funky Farm 2. Inland Knights - We Gonna Play...
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    RE-UP >>> "Take Your Pills" and "OK, I Took The Pills"

    you took a huge risk posting that here, it looks like you have earned some fans, myself included
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    What Are You Listening To Now Part 1

    Boogybytes Vol. 05 Seth Troxler - Boogybytes Vol. 05 Love what this does to my subs. Tracklist 01. Seth Troxler - Intro / Ryan Crosson - Amb 1 02. The Royal We - Party Guilt (Dinky's Arp-A-Pella) 03. Luciano - Fran Left Home / Mike Shannon - Sweet A Pella 04. Craig Smith & The...
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    dj emit_rapture - I'll Be Your Stereo (Tech House)

    dj emit_rapture - I'll Be Your Stereo (Tech House Mix) http://www.ultraphat.com/podcasts/ultraphatpodcast.mp3 Track List: 01. Martinez - Chi-town 60661 - Lomidhigh Organic 02. Joris Voorn - Deep Side of the Moog - Cocoon 03. Emad Parandian - Kamanche (Tiefschwarz) - Souvenir 04. Per...
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    Johnny D. Techno or House

    Organic techno
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    Roland Gonzales - One Stormy Night - Deep House and Tech-House

    Nice tracklist, will be checking this out when I get home.
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    Schlectron Tha DJ - Underwater Deep House Mix

    Schlectron Tha DJ - Underwater Deep House Mix Super thanks to Aaron Bradley at funkyhousebeats.com for hosting. Click Here to stream or download Track List - Underwater Deep House Mix 01. Ogris Debris – G-Thong - Compost 02. Martinez – Retrospective – 3rd Floor Records 03...
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    Jus' Vinyl House Mix - Schlectron the DJ

    Hey hope you enjoyed the mix. It's damn near impossible to buy good CD's here in Calgary (or records for that matter). So I stopped into Grammaphone Records down in Chicago while I was there and the Play de Record in Toronto and I still haven't found From Home With Love or Franchise Player...
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    Jus' Vinyl House Mix - Schlectron the DJ

    Thanks, for the longest time I thought it was by Phil Weeks. You're totally right, it is JT Donaldson.
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    Jus' Vinyl House Mix - Schlectron the DJ

    Here's a little mix I made at the end of summer. It's all house and all vinyl. I have been a house junky for quite a while now. I think I got hooked when I discovered Sneakbeats, then when they closed, Play de Record became the source of my vinyl collecting habit, then when I moved to Calgary I...
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    Rents - Drumfunk V1 (Drumfunk and atmospheric dnb)

    A new Rents mix is always a treat around my house!
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    Calgary ISP's

    Oh yeah and welcome to Calgary.
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    Calgary ISP's

    Go with Shaw. If you ever need customer service with Telus they will make you homicidal.
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    track id from gene farris mix

    Innervisions presents Ame Rej ep (Innervisions 02 - 2005)
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    Olivier Desmet June Mix

    Listening now and enjoying it.
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    Rents - Journey of the Shogun (downtempo, dubstep, dnb)

    Incredible mix, officially part of my summer portable listening device rotation. Use the second link