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    You've been Privatized, or How to complain about life like our parents do

    I just found out this morning that my program in the government has been privatized. Goodbye to the possibility of long lunch breaks, late roll-ins, and worst of all, flex days. But privatization isn't what's got me down - I actually am very pleased to be moving out of the public service and...
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    CHRC acquits someone of hate speech charges for the first time

    It's finally happened, the CHRC has actually dismissed the charges against someone for the first time - ever. In 32 years, the Comission had 'acheived' a 100% conviction rate, impressive in the sense that a kangaroo court that routinely ignores the Charter managed to operate out of the public...
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    Robert McNamara

    US Vietnam war architect Robert McNamara dies By Carlos Hamann – 4 hours ago WASHINGTON (AFP) — Robert McNamara, the US secretary of defense whose broad career as an industry leader and a global financial aid revolutionary was overshadowed by his role as key architect of the Vietnam war...
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    Coup or non?

    I'm surprised no one's made a thread about the 'coup' in Honduras yet - hangover from Iran's aborted democracy maybe? Anyways, I'm finding it extremely difficult to get a good understanding of what is happening down there. On the one hand, you have the usual suspects on the Latin Left doing...
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    Battlefield Heroes

    Battlefield Heroes Performs Covert Launch By Mike Fahey, 10:20 AM on Thu Jun 25 2009, 5,171 views (Edit post, Set to draft, Slurp) Copy this whole post to another site The cartoonish, free-to-play, web-based iteration of DICE's Battlefield series has quietly slipped out of beta, with...
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    Beers of Summer

    If it's dark and cold outside, stouts and bitter ales are my beer of choice. But in the few weeks the universe smiles on Canada and turns the Sun toward us, different beers are required. Hence the beers of Summer: - Steinlager tall boys. It's been a fav of mine since uni. - Heineken...
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    The efficacy of torture

    From Yahoo! News & Time: How to Make Terrorists Talk By BOBBY GHOSH / WASHINGTON Bobby Ghosh / Washington – Fri May 29, 4:00 am ET The most successful interrogation of an Al-Qaeda operative by U.S. officials required no sleep deprivation, no slapping or "walling" and no waterboarding...
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    Another shining moment for Canadian Police

    I'm so happy the police are using their 'strained resources' on things like this: Surrey man, 73, gets police visit after writing Vanoc By Jeff Lee, Vancouver SunApril 23, 2009 Peter Scott at his desk in his Surrey home. Scott's medals are from his Canadian army...
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    Police Brutality @ the G20 protests

    I'm sure many of us have noticed, well, a change in the way police behave. There are of course the high-profile cases like Robert Dziekanski that make international news. Then there's cases like Ian Tomlinson, who was clubbed from behind by police and then collapsed and died from a resultant...
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    Goodbye Nvidia & ATI, Hello OnLive!

    via Kotaku OnLive Makes PC Upgrades Extinct, Lets You Play Crysis On Your TV By Michael McWherthor You may never buy a new video card ever again. Actually, the only PC gaming hardware you might ever need will cost you less than a Wii, should OnLive's potential live up to its promise...
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    Vancouver Whitecaps Joining the MLS in 2011

    Glory, glory, songs and story! It finally happened in Vancouver, so what's the hold up with Montreal? It's official: Whitecaps joining MLS in 2011 The Vancouver Whitecaps will join Major League Soccer for the 2011 season, it was confirmed today, in what may be the worst-kept secret in...
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    DDR2 or DDR3?

    I'm thinking about upgrading my ram, so how do I know what to choose? I have an Intel 3.4 ghz dual core with 1 gb DDR2 right now, and a Nvidia 9600 512mb DDR3 video card.
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    Blue Europe

    Auf weidersehen, Euro! Guten Tag, deutschemark, lira, zloty, and franc! Merkel, EU reject bailout for eastern Europe By CONSTANT BRAND – 2 days ago BRUSSELS (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other EU leaders flatly rejected a new multibillion euro (dollar) bailout for eastern...
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    Ahenakew: Not guilty, but still crazy

    Not being a supporter of these 'hate crimes' trials, I find myself particularly torn over the case of David Ahenakew, a fellow who is trying his hardest to have his picture included in the dictionary definition of 'shithead'. Shirley Bighead however is blessed with one of the funniest names...
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    Clinton: Chinese human rights can't interfere with other crises

    Bush's national security ideology lives on!
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    Chavez 4 lyfe

    Chester Chavez wins big!
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    The Eternal EPL Thread

    The soccer news thread is getting a little long in tooth, and to be honest, I think it's served its purpose. So here is the dedicated thread for the just the EPL and British football in general. If there's interest, we should start another thread dedicated to the Serie A and La Liga. To...
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    Lucasarts' Posters

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    Russian Deep Thoughts, By Dimitri

    From Dimitri Rogozin, Russia's ambassador to NATO:
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    Michael the Predictable

    I don't think anyone seriously thought it wouldn't play out this way with Ignatieff in charge, but the NDP seems genuinely surprised.