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    WTS - Snowtires with Rims (185 65 R 14) 5x100 Bolt Pattern

    I have a full set of snow tires for sale, originally for a '98 Plymouth Neon, sold the car but the tires stayed and I can't use them They are BF Goodrich Winter Slalom tires, they have had 2 winters on them and have plenty of tread left, rims are included. $400 OBO
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    Congradulations to Boo, He's getting married at the CNE

    Congradulations Boo, on your upcoming wedding at the CNE. It should be a blast! Marriage on the Midway
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    Tribers! I need your help to get married!

    Hey Guys and Gals. My fiance and I are finalists in a contest to win our wedding, and we could really use your help with votes. The wedding is at the CNE on Aug 26th if we win. The contest voting is here: http://www.northamericanmidway.com/motm/cne/weddingvote.aspx We're Staysea...
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    Hope for the Short and Puddgy

    So apparently Victoria Silvstedt, uber hot, and one of FHM's Sexiest Women, likes the short and pudgy. A LOT. Yeah, this makes sense Victoria Silvstedt Is One Freaky Chick
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    Windows Vista Free Beta till Jun 1, 2007

    You can get a free copy of Vista Beta 2 to run at home. It's good for a year. The site is overloaded for downloading, and it's 3 gigs, but feel free to grab a copy if you don't mind wierd crashes. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/default.aspx