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    The Creation of the World...

    :D The Creation of the World In the beginning there was the computer. And God said: %>Let there be light! #Enter user id. %>God #Enter password. %>Omniscient #Password incorrect. Try again. %>Omnipotent #Password incorrect. Try again. %>Technocrat And God logged on...
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    Just call me "Moonbeam"

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    Crop Circles Explained!!

    All this time....chasing a damn cat....:p (Someone tell Mel?)
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    The World is Now Officially Ending...

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    Finally! Useful sign language...

    Found >>>This<<< on another forum...pretty funny stuff :D
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    Create Your Own Stamp at Canada Post

    Very Cool.... :)
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    Happy Canada Day!!!!!!

    HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!! :D :) :cool: :D :) :D :cool: :cool:
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    Your Political Philosophy

    Since we seem to get into some debates regarding politics, I thought this might be interesting (or not...). We do you stand? Are you right-wing (conservative) ? or left-wing (liberal)? Take the World's Smallest Political Quiz
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    US States! US States!

    Wow...they beat Mexico?!?? :eek: 2-0 Thoughts?
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    More useless info for your brain...

    This is VERY interesting and worth the read ... (well...that's what the email said... :p) WATER 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. (Likely applies to half world's population) In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often mistaken...
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    Driving Lessons...

    For those of you who need clarification... >>HERE<<
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    Pets....or Food?

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    Audiogalaxy in RIAA crosshairs :(

    Audiogalaxy in RIAA crosshairs Fri May 24, 8:14 PM ET John Borland CNET News.com The Recording Industry Association of America (news - web sites) on Friday filed a copyright lawsuit against Audiogalaxy, adding another front to the industry's legal battles against post-Napster (news - web...
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    Big game tonite!

    Ok....T.Dot or Carolina....? (need I ask??) GO LEAFS GO!!
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    No Mingster posts??

    Did I miss something? She hasn't posted anything for the past 10 pages?? :confused:
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    Spider-Man discrepancies...

    For all you anal retentive types....you might find this amuzing... >>LINK<< :cool:
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    Attn: All Stoners...

    Just thought you'd like to know.... Million Marijuana March TORONTO'S MARCH - SUNDAY MAY 5 2002 2:00P.M. AT CITY HALL (QUEEN AND BAY) :cool:
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    New Al Qaeda video found!

    ;) Recruiting Video
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    Just a 'little' pissed...

    Yea think? :D
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    Canadian soldiers dead in Afghanistan

    :( :( Canadian soldiers dead in Afghanistan Last Updated Thu, 18 Apr 2002 0:13:46 OTTAWA - Four Canadians are dead after an American plane accidentally dropped at least one bomb during a live fire training exercise in Afghanistan. Eight others were injured in the blast. Two of them...