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    Pumpkin Emergency

    I need to buy a HUGE pumpkin. Don't ask why. Ok... it's for feltching.... Now that you know, do you know where I can get a 100 pound pumpkin, preferably downtown?
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    You Pissed Your Pants

    After showering this morning I returned to my bedroom to apologize to my wife for coming home drunk and spilling a big cup of water all over the couch. She accepted the apology, but then tried to convince me that I pissed my pants, which I totally didn't do (no really!). About 10 years ago I...
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    The Office Crapper

    Please Note: 1. Cackling and speaking loudly into a cell phone while using the company crapper is not acceptable. Also, when you're speaking mandarin it gives the round eyes the impression that you're giving your wife a play by play of the action. 2. Covering your hand with a paper towel...
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    Unnamed triber ruins Halloween!!!

    How rude is it to throw a Halloween party and not dress up... DO you think that your friends should never ever speak to you again for doing such a horrific thing. Janiecakes what do you think of this bullshit? - wife of 416
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    I'm buying a taser

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    pager question

    Does anyone know of a pager plan that covers mexico?
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    Serious geeks only

    Anyone here know how or knows someone who knows how to code assembler? Any platform. PM me.
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    Bzzz Bzzz

    haha I can't stop watching this. http://www.big-boys.com/articles/taserguncop.html
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    burrito boys

    Does anyone else eat at this place? If you don't, you should. It's on peter, just south of richmond, west side. I just ejected the 2 veggie burritos I ate from there last night. I think the jalepenos actually got hotter while they where sitting around in my stomach... if you know what...
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    Renovation Questions

    So I just got a building permit to pop a couple walls out of my joint and I'm almost ready to start. The only problem is that I still need a plumbing and an HVAC permit. To get the HVAC I understand that I'll need some drawings and calcs (heat loss etc), so I'm considering getting someone to...
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    Head of weird religious cult runs for Conservative Party

    David Sweet was until this year the president of the Promise Keepers of Canada, a misogynist Christian sect who scare the fuck out of anyone with a brain. Read up on them, I'm sure they'll charm the pants right off you. If you where thinking of voting conservative, ask youself the...
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    Wacky Muslims

    So the other night my wife, the dog and I are at a bbq at a friend's place. We stay till midnight, then call up becks for cab. It's only five or six bucks away, but whatever, we're lazy. Ten minutes later the dude pops up and we jump in. Before he even puts the cab into drive, he swings...
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    Ontario Elections

    In light of Bass Chaser's recent comment that this forum contains nothing but talk of American's and their imperialist wars, I thought maybe it'd be a good time for everyone to spill the beans on who they plan to vote for... if they've decided yet... and if they haven't, why? I'm personally...
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    So Slam Magazine just put up the second part of their quotes of the year. Of course, just like on the court, Shaq dominated the entire thing... Oak was a close second saying all sorts of weird shit. Here's the article... http://www.slamonline.com/links/ Here's the Shaq parts...
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    Cheating on your taxes...

    So maybe someone can gimme some thoughts on this. Recently, a friend of mine showed me a little acounting scheme that he's been using to get himself a big fat tax return for the past 5 years or so. The basics of it are this... Purchase a product (which is a product with a fair amount of...
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    What's the deal with the political wing of Hezbollah being banned in Canada? I personally think it's a bit fucked. I mean, if they're endorsing WTC style attacks outside of Israel/Palestine, then I would agree that that group is pretty fucked. However all quotes from last week attributed to...
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    Hey AL I need the Asparagus soup recipie ASAP. Thanks k PS Enjoy your shows!
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    Hey, I remember seeing something about this shit a while ago on here, but can't remember actually reading too much of it. I recently mentioned too a close family friend that I need a financial advisor (after he said he was studying to become one), and he just gave me a ring to set up an...
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    Rip for Stack?

    What the crap kind of trade is that? What's Detriot thinking? I've heard that MJ is looking better then he did before last season.... I'm totally looking forward to seeing the Wizards in the playoffs this year.
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    Oh my dear lord!

    fuckers http://www.skatestoppers.com/