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  1. J

    G20.Who went?

    Tell us all about it.
  2. J

    LF iPod.

    I'm looking for an old ipod to use with my stereo. Cosmetic looks not important. That it is in working condition is. Anywhere from 20-60 gigs would be great. I'd prefer something cheaper over something bigger. Hurr. Hurr. I live downtown and have no car so downtown pick-up or meeting...
  3. J

    Hip-Hop Records for Sale Toronto

    Located at Christie and Dupont. Would prefer pick-up or a nearby meeting. Prices are fair for the items posted I think. Some real gems here I was holding on to. Was considering Ebay but going to see if I can do this easier and local. No complaints from the many who've bought prerviously...
  4. J

    Heart of Midlothian F.C. Jersey for sale $12.00 Toronto

    Ended up with this via a mis-labeled Ebay win. Never bothered returning it. Pony jersey in good shape. A few pulls. Mostly on the back and generally quite small. Looks good. scandal at hot mail com Located at Dupont and Christie
  5. J

    Boss Blues Driver BD-2 for sale $65.00 Toronto

    Has seen extremely limited use. Did not think I would sell it and tossed the box. scandal at hotmail dot com Please use item for sale as the subject line. Located at Dupont and Christie. No trades.
  6. J

    Tech 1200 for sale $270.00

    An older model. As you can see does not have cover but does have a solid steel 45 adapter purchased by owner. Turntable was serviced at Applause Audio when purchased by current owner. Has been used strictly for hi-fi use for approx the last four years. Has never been carted to events or...
  7. J

    Go! Go! Go! Go!

    I'm trying to make a list of song that use the famous vintage hip-hop 'go go go go!' chant. This is all I've come up with so far. Perhaps you can help. Public Enemy-Terminator X to the Edge of Panic Brand Nubian-Concerto in X Minor Chubb Rock-Treat Em Right De La Soul-Ring Ring Ring
  8. J

    Anyone have a water-pick?

    Been thinking about buying one but I dont really know anything about these high-end dental products.
  9. J

    Dancehall Record Lot for Sale. Circa 1990-1993.

    This is a lot of tunes from an old sound crew. (pictures forthcoming) Most tunes are from 1990-1993. There are a handful of older tunes Some of the records have the labels soaked off. It's a typical selection for the times. For every fantastic Cobra or Capleton song you are going...
  10. J

    WNBA Opening Weekend Thread.

  11. J

    Toi Friday March 28 2008

    Nice to see such a rowdy crowd for locals. I would love to know what the deal was with the short girl who was wandering around palming guys faces. Me once, friend twice!
  12. J


    No review thread? It was on friday no?
  13. J

    Citrus NYE?

  14. J

    Looking for a single tix to tomorrows Toronto FC game. Oct 20

    I don't have a car so hopefully you live on the subway line. Will pay(slightly) over face if you deliver! scandal at hotmail.com
  15. J

    David Miller on OTR.

    He did very well! Ed Burkholder is a true goof though. I find the show hard to watch overall. There's always one twat who talks over everyone.
  16. J

    Why is picture framing so expensive?

    I guess I don't know what goes on behind the scenes but it seems to be a bit exorbitant. What am I paying for?
  17. J

    Technics SL-1200MK2 for sale $180 Toronto

    scandal@hotmail.com no cover the tracking light is burnt out but the spring still works it was given a once-over at Applause Audio a few years ago the pitch is like butter! stop/start is amazing it comes with the steel big-hole thing for 45's it's got some scratches and stuff, she's a...
  18. J

    The Police at the ACC

    Great time. They were tight. The songs were all played pretty straight. About 3/4 in to a few they stretched out to let Sting vamp a bit or to let Summers solo but they always would slam back into the tune.
  19. J

    Dubstep/Grime/Breaks/UKG Lots For Sale.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandal@hotmail.com Won't break lots. Nowhere to listen to them. Must be able to meet at Bathurst Station. Lot One Zinc-Go DJ 12' Zinc-Hello 12' Jon E Cash-Bitch 12' Jon E Cash-Evil 12' Musical...
  20. J

    Hip Hop for sale. Great condition.

    None of these records have been played out, scratched with, beat-juggled or anything unless I purchased them used. Only used for home-listening. Switching over to cd’s. There will be much more posted in the next couple of days. scandal@hotmail.com Lord Finesse Lot Funky Technician...