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  1. J

    Fs: Ecler evo5 -- $1600!!!

    I have an EVO5 that I'm looking to sell. It was used as a demo mixer for my company (distributor for ECLER in Canada), used at trade shows, to show customers etc... In GREAT condition, upgraded with latest firmware, no problems or issues! I'm asking $1600.00 CAD. Which is a steal, as the...
  2. J

    FS: PRO X FADE crossfaders

    Hey gang! I got a bunch of PRO X FADE's sitting around in stock, all brand new in boxes, ready to ship. Normal retail price is $115, so I'll sell em for $95.00! Anyone interested?!
  3. J

    FS: ECLER NUO2.0 DJ mixer

    I have a NUO2.0 mixer here, brand new, open box. It was used as a demo at trade shows etc, however it was never turned on or actually used. Just taken out of the box to look at. It is also a pre-production unit, while it is 99% the same as normal production units, this one has two small...
  4. J

    Fs: Ecler evo5

    Hey all, I have an EVO5 mixer I used as a demo at trade shows and whatnot. In excellent condition, latest firmware installed. No scratches or flaws! Retail is $2400+, I'm letting it go for $1700! For those that dont know, this is THE mixer to get....Firewire inputs/outputs, full...
  5. J

    FS: UNLOCKED Samsaung Blackjack II Smartphone

    Hey all, My g/f is selling her unlocked Samsung Blackjack II smartphone. Its a FIDO model, unlocked, so you can use any SIM carrier (like...Fido! or Rogers). She had it for maybe 6 months, but shes getting a Blackberry at work, so she cant use this phone anymore. It in PERFECT shape...
  6. J

    FS: ECLER HAK 380 mixer (demo)

    Still trying to clear some clutter around the office here...works out good for you guys! I have an ECLER HAK 380, used a few times at trade shows and demos (which means it was just turned on and had sound playing thru it)...EXCELLENT condition, barely used. Original box, manual, cables...
  7. J

    FS: ECLER Philos 12 speakers (12" non powered speakers)

    Would anyone be interested in a pair of ECLER PhiloS 12 speakers? I have a pair sitting here that I use at tradeshows. Since I only do 1 or 2 trade shows per year with these, they are really BARELY used and in EXCELLENT condtion. They've been sitting aruond doing nothing for a while now and need...
  8. J

    FS: ECLER NUO5 DJ mixer. Slightly used. $900

    Hey all! I've got an ECLER NUO5 that was used as a demo mixer. It was sent to my salesman in Ontario to be used as a demo, but he didnt really use it much, so its in GREAT condition! The box is pretty beat up from all the shipping back and forth, but the mixer is in PERFECT condition, and it...
  9. J

    FS: Electrix Filter Queen *RARE* $100!!

    Hey all! I have an original Electrix Filter Queen for sale. If you dont know what this is, it is an external anaglog filter, one of the most sweetest sounding filters out there! The company went outta business, and anything from Electrix is extremely RARE these days...and if you do find it...
  10. J

    Ultrasone headphones for sale! HFI-700 and iCans..

    I have a bunch of Ultrasone headphones left in stock from when I used to be the distributor for them in Canada. I really REALLY need to get rid of these, so I'm offering BARGAIN BASEMENT pricing! Ultrasone HFI-700: RETAIL: $250.00 NOW: $125.00 Ultrasone iCans: RETAIL: $130.00 NOW...
  11. J

    FS: 2 x DDR2 SODIMM 512mb RAM (laptop)

    Anyone need RAM for their laptop? I wanna upgrade mine, but I have to get rid of the stock RAM first. Its from my HP machine, the RAM is Samsung branded. 2 x DDR2 SODIMM 512mb 667mhz 200-pin Make an offer... I also have 2 x 256mb lying around, DDR SODIMM
  12. J

    FS: Refurb ECLER NUO5. $600!!!

    Hey all, Got a refurb ECLER NUO5 here for sale. I forgot the reason why it went to service in the first place, but I just got it back from the shop and its been tested, everything seems to be fine! One *tiny* problem I notice is that when using the effects, you can hear a very faint whine...
  13. J

    New ECLER EVO5 mixer launched today!

    check it out! www.evobyecler.com
  14. J

    2 x 256mb DDR SODIMM (laptop RAM)

    Make an offer...theyre sitting here collecting dust. Also, its DDR, not DDR2...so make sure its right for your laptop!!!
  15. J

    Ultrasone headphones for sale!

    I lost my distribution contract to sell these headphones, so I got a SHIT LOAD left in stock...gotta get rid of them! They range from smaller, portable headphones to DJ to full on production/studio headphones. Check www.ultrasone.com and PM me if you want a price on a certain model.
  16. J

    FS: iMate Kjam PDA phone (GSM, unlocked, Windows Mobile 5.0)

    Looking to sell my iMate KJam PDA phone. Its about 1 year old. It's in great condition, as I usually try to take care of all my stuff. It has a bit of wear on the sides near the buttons (on the black plastic sides, not the silver faceplate). Otherwise, has no scratches, and the screen is in...
  17. J

    FS: Echo Indigo DJ sound card (PCMCIA)

    Since I bought a new laptop which doesnt have a cardbus slot (PCMCIA), I cant use my Echo card anymore :-( So its up for sale! First $100 ($8.00 ship to Toronto) gets it! I think it around $160+ in stores. Its in PERFECT shape....I beleive I still havew the original box and everything...
  18. J

    Laptop for sale! Pentium M Centrino, 1.4ghz, 1gb RAM etc...

    I have a 3 year old laptop for sale. I bought it from a local manufacturer (they make servers etc... OEM guys) for around $1500. It's based on the CL-51 generic laptop, but the internals are all top quality Intel parts. Heres the specs of the top of my head: -Pentium M (Centrino) 1.4ghz...
  19. J

    Pioneer home theater DVD system for sale!

    I am selling my Pioneer DVD home theater system. It is the Pioneer HTD-510. 400w, with subwoofer, 5-DVD carousel, Dolby Pro Logic etc... Very good quality, very nice sound and VERY loud! More than enough power for an apartment, condo or house. Asking $200. Remote, manual inlcuded...
  20. J

    ECLER NUO5 for sale! $800!!!

    Hey all, I've got one NUO5 here that was refurbished recently. It had a broken PFL switch on channel 4, which has been replaced, but in the process, the circuit board was slightly damaged, and now the PFL switch on channel 4 only plays in the RIGHT headphone. The mixer is in PERFECT shape...