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    Blue Jays vs Athletics - Sun May 25th (4 tics)

    Have 4 tics to the Toronto - Oakland game on Sunday May 25th. Section 231L (the padded seats), Row 10, Seat 105 - 108. Paid: $233 (58.25 each) Asking $200 for all 4. Its replica jersey give away day! darrengannon at hotmail.com
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    luke fair

    Luke Fair - there is no light (soul minority remix) What a track! so groovy and infectious. perfect summertime bbq stuff.
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    NDP propose universal cel phone chargers

    Gotta love the NDP!!! At first I thought what a great idea with no chance of it happening. But if they've done it in europe then why not here??? Personally i have about 6 different chargers at home. What a waste! Glenn Thibeault, NDP MP, introduces bill to force universal mobile phone...
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    Apple 20" cinema display - $200

    Selling an apple cinema display. $200 OBO. Same one pictured here: Apple A1081 20-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor (Refurbished) | Overstock.com Send me a PM or email darrengannon at hotmail dot com.
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    2 - Pioneer CDJ800 MK2 - $1000

    Bought these CDJ's about 2 years ago and have barely used them. Downloaded 10 tracks in 2 years so its not worth keeping them. Have original boxes, receipt, manuals, etc..... Will also throw in the Sefour X25 cdj bracket if you want it. darrengannon"at"hotmail.com
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    burton snowboard boots - size 8

    Mens Burton Boxer snowboard boots almost new. Used them on 3 day trip last year and decided I needed size 8.5's. $80. more details here:burton snowboard boots - size 8
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    Sony Ericsson Chargers

    I have a couple sony ericsson chargers I no longer need. One is a car charger with a wall adapter and the other is a wall charger. The car charger with wall adapter is two weeks old. Will also throw in the usb charger/connector. The car charger with wall adapter was $40. Asking $20 for...
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    Baby baby baby, baby baby baby, light my way..... Cannot believe they played that. What a great selection of old and new. I would never have predicted that set list. Great show, best sound i've heard in the dome. Bono incorporating 3 of our subway stops into a song was pretty cool...
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    World Baseball Classic tics

    I have tics to all 6 games but can't make it on Sunday March 8 @ 8PM. Aisle 210 Row 2 Seat 110 & 109 Face Value: $21 each I'd like to get $40 for the pair or best offer. I will deliver them to any subway stop in the downtown area or you can pick them up in the greenwood/danforth area.
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    Free 27" TV

    Toshiba 27" Flat CRT tv. about 3 years old and works great. Paid about 400 at futureshop a few years back and now you can have it for free. Just need to pick it up in the greenwood/danforth area.
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    moving boxes - free

    I have 10 moving cardboard boxes I bought ($30) when I moved and anyone that will pick them up (greenwood & danforth) can have them for free. They're 18"x18"x21"H.
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    sharam track from wmc

    I've heard a track announced as being from Sharam by pete tong on the radio 1 wmc set. Lyric - "you've got body, you've got style, you've got body lets get wild". anyone got the full ID? shit, what a slammin tune. one of those tracks that mixes like magic with just about anything and turns...
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    own a condo? make sure the tax is paid!

    I've lived in a condo for 4 years and bought it when it was 1 year old from the original owner. I just got a notice from the city of Toronto saying I owe $400 in taxes. Apparently the developer didn't pay the municipal tax on the land for the two years before breaking ground. A city of Toronto...
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    FS: IPOD 30GB (video)

    Brand new black 30GB Ipod in original sealed packaging. Sticker says $379 and I'm asking $330. PM for further info.
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    karaoke taxi - need info

    A while back a bunch of us got picked up outside bier market in a full size van converted into a karaoke taxi. It was completely outfitted with lcd's, wireless mics, disco ball and trippy flashing lights. We need to book this guy again for a kids party but I can't find anything on yellowpages.ca...
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    Recommend a good mac OS X book

    I've been forced to switch to a G5 at work and find simple things slowing me down. I don't react well to change. Anyways I guess I should go out and buy and book and learn how to use this hunk of steel. Anyone know of a good OS X book?
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    U2 - Vertigo 2005 - Live From Chicago DVD

    Bought this for a friends b-day but he already has it and I lost the receipt. Willing to trade for something or you can just give me $20. unopened.
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    Anyone used this site? Entire albums for .99 is a price that would motivate me to buy music again. But it seems to good to be true and my dad always said......... Terms and conditions: 1. Copyrights. 5.1. All materials presented on this site are avaliable for the distribtution over the...
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    Saeed younan

    Night got off to a bad start when I wasn't on the guestlist. We had tried to get in before 11 but of course the line was being held up. It really pisses me off when I go to a club early ready to drink and still have to pay cover. Whats with that? Someone thats dropping $150 at the bar shouldn't...
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    torontos best record store employee

    I vote richard raiban because he didn't make fun of me when i asked for the pussycats dontcha remix. :)