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    PS3 playing movies from USB key

    hey hey I tried to play a couple downloaded movies from a usb key in my PS3 the other day, but after a few minutes of playing, it killed the audio saying that the movie wasn't allowed on the machine. Looked like some digital rights thing, but it still happened even if I unplug the ps3 from...
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    Free video editing software online?

    Hey kids Does anyone have any recommendations for a free piece of software to edit a quick video? Specifically just add a simple voice-over? There were a lot of hits online but I don't want to get scammed with spyware-laden shit just by trying something at random so I thought I'd check...
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    "Windows-7-Recovery" virus??

    Howdy Last night my computer caught what I suspect is a virus. Out of nowhere, the fan started running at max speed for minutes at a time (only had firefox open), then I get a pop-up saying that the RAM was overheating, the hard drive had failed, and that I should run the diagnostics in...
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    Help! Need home network advice

    Help! I need to fix my home network. I have a normal modem, with a Linksys wireless G router plugged into it. My /f's computer finds the internets just fine (both plugged into the router and wireless), my work laptop does the same, but my new laptop (with Vista as the o/s while the others...
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    US Protectionism bill?

    If passed, this could get really ugly. I doubt it will be long before the US are called on their hypocrisy on the international stage since this could affect far more than just the NAFTA area. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20090130.wobamaagenda30/BNStory/National/home...
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    Bandy (hockey played on a soccer field)

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandy Well, I was flipping through the channels today and came across none other than Paul Romanuk commentating on the World Bandy Championships semi's from Sweden. I had no idea wtf bandy was, but when the players "took the field" it started to fall into...
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    Paul M - 1 Year In [techno]

    LINK Ok, so here goes. On the 1 year anniversary of moving to Holland, I threw this mix together completely unplanned (just happened to be recording at the time). It was inspired by the sounds from labels like ARMS, Audio Assault, Planet Rhythm and artists like OGI, Bas Mooy and the whole...
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    Kosovo independance?

    Thoughts? Independance has been formally declared this morning and it's getting a lot of press here. Sets an interesting precedent for places like the Basque region of Spain, and certainly Chechnya and any other little Russian province that wants to leave the Rodina. It could also have...
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    default language question

    Ok, I know this is a dumb question, but I just can't figure this one out. I just bought a used ThinkPad here and the default language was in Dutch. I put it next to our other laptop which is in English and tried to walk through the language change procedure, but to no luck. Everything I...
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    RIP Don Whitman (CBC)

    RIP Don Whitman I just saw on CBC Hockey Night in Canada that Don Whitman passed away. RIP A great commentator who could call almost any sport
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    Calling Newstyle666 and other real estate developers

    LINK The Former Larson Air Force Base Complex 1A Titan ICBM Facility Located Central Washington between Moses Lake and Ritzville Ten Minutes to Interstate 90 1 1/2 hours West of Spokane 57 acres more or less 16 UNDERGROUND buildings including 3 - 160' Tall Missile Silo 3...
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    Somg warning?! Already?!

    SOURCE Yesterday's heat sparks first smog alert JEFF GRAY May 9, 2007 The province put a damper on this week's summer-like weather yesterday by issuing the first smog advisory of 2007. "It's in the traditional smog season, which is May 1 to Sept. 30,"(No shit, Captain Obvious)...
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    European Tribers Thread

    Since Montreal is the closest thing Canada has to a European city, I proclaim this to be the European Tribers thread technics1200 For starters, we can gloat about our awesome weather without any reprisal from the poor sons of bitches still dealing with cold and rain...and maybe still some...
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    The Saturday Thread!!! I beat y'all to it

    Ha! 6 hour time advantage for me! Just got home from Awakenings. Holy shit that is such a mad venue!!!! Beyer and Surgeon tore shit up! Surgeon was dropping classic bombs. Time to grab some sleep, visit a friend later, then rest up to do it again Sunday night for Carola, Green...
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    Hit & Run driver gets pwned hardcore

    linky other linky Ok, in a nutshell, the dipshit as pictured in the 2nd link hit & ran some Mercedes and the whole thing was captured on film. License plate, facepic, everything. There are some champion photochops towards the end of the 1st thread as well. This kid is fucked.
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    Palestinians form Unity gov't, US boycotts Hamas members

    SOURCE [/quote=Reuters]GAZA (Reuters) - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas formally asked Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas on Thursday to form a new unity government and urged him to abide by peace accords signed with Israel. Haniyeh accepted the task of drawing up a new cabinet at...
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    CNN's top 101 dumbest moments in Business

    http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2007/biz2/0701/gallery.101dumbest_2007/index.html?cnn=yes I would link/copy & paste a few of the good ones but there were too damn many classics. Well worth the hour to flip through them all (not like I was doing much else anyways).
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    US president orders military to begin jailing all civilian protestors to war

    I'm at a loss for words on this one. This is getting stupid. This was my favourite bit. Pot calling the kettle black? hells yeah. Does he have a point? I think so. Source: Pravda ----------------------------------------------------------------------- US president orders military to...
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    Sending money overseas: Help!

    Trying to avoid getting scammed here. We need to send money to Holland and are reluctant to use Western Union due to the frequency of fradu & scams because their money isn't traceable. Is there any other Western Union-esque service that anyone would recommend as being secure and easy to...
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    Job openning: Operations/Customer service

    I've been asked by my boss to ask around and see if I know of anyone who would be interested in coming to work for my current company in their office in Laval, since I am leaving for Holland in March. It's a large, 3rd party logistics & transportation company. The job basically entails...