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    Yet another tragic fire

    http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_17258.aspx Destroys Century Old Markham Pub Friday November 30, 2007 CityNews.ca Staff Fire crews battled and put out a stubborn blaze that erupted at a pub in Unionville. Markham Fire officials received a call just before 9am Friday that a blaze had broken...
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    Life imitates art?

    Remember this? Than check out this. Watch until the end to see the backflip.
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    Looking for advice on New York City

    I have searched the archives and I still haven't found what I am looking for. Can anyone with experience travelling to New York City provide any comments on which of the two areas below are a better location for a first time visitor? I've narrowed it down to two hotels that I like, but am...
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    The luckiest SOB alive ...

    I hope I don't get the dreaded timeline, but I thought this was worth posting. http://www.youtube.com/v/SbY0Jh9_RJ8
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    Low-light photography

    I know there are lots of photography people on this board and was looking for a relatively quick answer to my questions. I am going to a concert tonight and will be relatively close to the stage. I am using a DSLR and was wondering what the best settings might be to capture half-decent...
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    Lisa Simpson involved in car accident

    Runaway car stopped by 401 hero Jan. 12, 2006. 12:25 AM LIZ MONTEIRO TORSTAR NEWS Police are hailing Cherilyn Gill as a hero after the Kitchener woman put her life in danger to save another woman who had slumped over unconscious while driving on Highway 401. The drama unfolded in the...
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    Holding onto your credit/debit cards

    I am sure someone here has to work in retail and know the answer to this. More often than not, when I purchase an item at just about any store, when I hand over my credit or debit card, the cashier will hold on to it for the entire duration of the purchase process. He/she will swipe it and I...
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    How to decorate an office?

    I have a new job and therefore a new office. I have only been here a short time, and just about everyone in the office has come into my office and said "Your office is so boring. You need to decorate it!". So to appease the masses (and keep them from commenting), I am going to put some...
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    For those whole like cars ... 911: 996 or 997

    I am debating between the 996 and 997 versions of the 991 for a summer car. Performance wise, either car is fine with me. I like both models almost equally. I just am wondering if the 996 is perceived (from the general public) as "old" yet? Or does it still have a few years left in it. I feel...
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    Is this an eBay scam???

    I vaguely recall a scam similar to a letter that I have been sent regarding an item I am selling on E-bay. Here is the essence of the message ... - Is the guy wanting to use "his" UPS account so that he doesn't pay shipping (ie: he is using someone else's hacked UPS account). - Who holds...
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    LF: One Subway Club Card Stamp

    I have 11 of those Subway Club Card stamps. I need 12 to get a free sub. The promotion is soon coming to a close, and so I am on the hunt for my remaing stamp. Yes, I know you can trade in an incomplete card and get partial credit, but it is not as good of a deal. I am looking for a full card. I...
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    Toronto area DSL providers

    Does anyone have any recommendations on high-spped DSL providers with SDSL service that do NOT have bandwidth limitations? I am not looking for ADSL, as the upstream speeds are too low. I am looking for a way of hosting some content and will need a fair share of bandwidth. Are there any...
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    Windows vs. Linux

    I believe this is a mandatory thread for any geek forum. LOL
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    Pictures reveal BMW using child labour!

    You normally here about this kind of thing with regards to snreakers and clothing and stuff like that. But I can't believe a major car manufacturer is using such practices! :eek:
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    IT job search

    I have done a quick search on this board for previous topics, but I could not find the information that I was looking for. I am wondering if anyone knows of any good job listing sites (or maybe good methods of searching for IT jobs) for IT related positions. I know there is the standard...
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    Gmail offers infinite inbox storage