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    Looking for line cooks

    Need to fill a part time and full time position at my smokehouse. The full time position needs at least 5+ years of experience and must be confident to lead the line on our busy rushes. On top of that you will have 2 days of morning prep to do to cover for our day time chef. We are also...
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    La Poutine Week is coming

    Feb 1st to the 7th is when it starts there are about 40 different poutines you can try if you got the belly for it. My restaurant has decied to take a spin and put our Smoked Brisket Poutine on the docket. La Poutine Week
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    Just pre order the game via the PSNS and now I'm in the beta to test drive this game out and like it so far. Sort of reminds me of Borderlands in some ways, but with different graphics and skill trees.
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    Watch Dog

    Just got this game a couple of days ago played about 2hr worth and having a lot of fun with it. The hacking part really does add a lot of tactical options in gameplay. I love it when you get in a high speed chase and you set the police up with a hack to cause a huge accident.
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    Part time cook position avaliable

    This will be about 2-3 days out of the week. Looking for someone with at least 1 year restaurant cooking experience. It pays $12 an hour and will be night shifts as well. Please send resumes to: markyandsparkys@gmail.com
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    All hail the BBQ 2014!!!

    People where out today I think people can't wait for BBQ season. I'm pretty sure I'll have some eye candy for ya.
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    My restaurant made the top 10 restaurants on DineTO

    DineTO's top 10 of 2013!!!
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    Vote for my smokehouse please!!!

    Please vote for us just look for category "Q.6" and vote for Marky & Sparky's Smokehouse. We are in the category "best cheap eats Toronto" Vote for the best of 2013
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    Splinter Cell Blacklist

    Always liked this franchise so I got the game and having a ton of fun with it. I also love that they added a great coop modes where you and a friend can play. I highly recommend this game.
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    Smart Phone app designer wanted

    Looking into getting an app made for the smokehouse, so if anyone knows of anyone that can do this please send them my way. markyandsparkys@gmail.com Thanks
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    Prep Cook wanted

    One of our prep cooks is going back to college so we have a spot open. Marky & Sparky's Smokehouse is looking for a prep cook. One year experience is required for this position. If you like working in a fast paced environment please send us your resume. markyandsparkys@gmail.com Cheers...
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    All hail the BBQ 2013 thread!!!

    Well BBQ season will be starting for me very shortly. I love my new smoker it fucking kicks ass!!! Pic below you have a Beef Blade, Beef Brisket and a pork butt. I gave the beef a brine and also injected it. The pork butt I just injected as a brine wont do anything to that meat, so it's...
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    Marky & Sparky's Smokehouse is looking for Line cooks

    Just looking for reliable line cooks to get ready for our big launch day!!! We have a Full time and part time position available. Please send all resumes to: markyandsparkys@gmail.com Cheers Marcus
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    Wtf doctor!!!

    Don't know if this has been posted, but fuck if this is true this dude is one sick bastard!!! Just hearing some of the details is really creepy. Still he is innocent till proven guilty, but what a fucked up case to say the least. Toronto doctor sexually abused patients during surgery...
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    Good Authentic Pizza in Toronto

    Thought I would start a thread on some good Pizza in Toronto. I managed to stumble upon this place today while searching for something better then your usual fast food crap. This place doesn't deliver but it's pretty close to me so I pick it up. It's called "Pizza e Pazzi", and I was very happy...
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    Hitman Absolution... Execution is everything

    Just got the game today I have a onslaught of assassin games to get through now. Been waiting a long time for this franchise to release another game.
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    Steak Houses in Toronto

    Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a really good steak house in Toronto (East or West end of the city... it's all good to me). My dad wants to take me out for some good steak, and I usually make my own so really haven't been to many... thanks for the advice in advance.
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    Luke Fair at Toika Lounge

    Just order my tickets today. I haven't been out for a while since being introduce to fatherhood, so it will be nice to shake da booty.
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    Sandbag workouts really makes you sweat!!!

    Just got these awesome sandbags and I must say it's a great workout. I'm following this guys youtube Spartacus sandbag routine and it's very demanding. 8c7HROXnSWY Zl4K2OZt8kI vtjwKiqX_hk Anyways if anyone has more resources to some routines hook me and tribe up please!!!:D
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    Ghosts are you in position...

    Just picked up my copy today been reading good reviews on it, so I traded in my Uncharted Golden Abyss for it. Which gave me a 25 TIV, so I ended up paying a little over 30 for the game. I have a couple of friends that have this game so it should be some fun times with the MP. However it's small...