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    Justice X 2 Tickets

    Turns out we can't go. $60 (cost with all them fees) O.B.O. Email me at: cdseaman (at) graffiti (dot) net or PM
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    Black Diamond Momentum Rock Climbing Harness

    In great condition. Used perhaps 15 times. http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442589537&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302690983&bmUID=1184286387016 $30
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    Brand New Lake MX165 Bike Shoes

    Silver color, brand new, but the box is gone. Like these, but more silver than black. http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442618154&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302692667 $130
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    NIB Chaco Terreno Z2 in Cobra Color

    These were a warranty replacement that I never ended up wearing. Pristine condition. http://www.chacousa.com/products/ProductOptions.cfm?cID=3&pID=2&gID=1 $90
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    Bolle Turbulence Sunglasses

    Just as described, in good condition, no major scratches just regular but mild wear. As pictured here: http://www.eyesave.com/styles/p511/index.aspx?referrer=Mercent&referrer=Mercent&Keyword=NexTag&mr:referralID=101276a2-bc53-404d-87b9-f5b1bf837b21 $40
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    Siemens 4215 2.4GHZ Home Phone with Answering Machine

    Upgrading so this one is up for grabs. Great phone, speakerphone, expandable to 6 handsets. Digital answering machine in handset. Runs on rechargeable AA's so they're easy to replace if it starts to drop it's charge...
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    Pioneer DVD-S27

    2 Year old progressive scan dvd player. Region free, supports VCD. This was and is a great little entry level DVD player. We just have no need for it any longer. $50 obo. PM me, or cdseaman (at) graffiti (dot) net
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    Odyssey Mixer Case (10")

    I have a black and silver Odyssey Mixer case circa 1999. Internal space for mixer is 9.5 X 16 inches. $30 obo.
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    LF: Explosions in the Sky Tickets (March 24th)

    Looking for 2 tickets to the sold out March 24th show. If anyone might have some free??
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    LF: Economics Relate and/or Policy Position

    A close friend of mine has been struggling against the machine in an effort to find an economics related job. He has his masters in economics and is smart as a whip, an excellent employee, and has strong technical skills and related job experience. So you ask why he doesn't have a job...
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    WTB - Large Fuzzy Dice

    I'm in critical need of some large fuzzy dice. If you have a set you don't want, I'll take em. If you know some store in Toronto that sells them, I'm there. Any tips, leads... whatever. Thanks! Conrad
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    Random kitchen wares for sale.

    Rice maker, works fine but is in need of a new non-stick pot. $10 Knife block set. 12pc or something. Laser stay sharp in wood block with 6 steak knifes. $10 Assorted plates, both cafeteria white and old blue and white china. A whole box of them. $10 An ancient toaster oven. If...
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    Ikea computer desk (birch) $25

    I have an older ikea computer desk. The old birch ones with the keyboard tray, space for a computer, cd rack, and shelf above the monitor. Pretty much like the one linked, but thinner wood panels. Comes with a nicely attached powerbar as well. $25 obo, located around queen and javis...
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    LF: Studio Monitors

    Looking for an ok speakers for use as DJ monitors. A good low end is required. Examples that come to mind: Mackie HR624 or HR824 KRK V8 Tannoy Reveal Series If someone is considering an upgrade from "good" to "amazing" I'd be very happy with good at a fair price.
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    New apartment sized washing machine.

    I have a 5 month old (used for 3) perfect condition apartment sized samsung washing machine for sale. The specs can be found here: http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?logon=&langid=EN&sku_id=0770HDS0010041856&catid=10741 I'm looking for $500 as this unit is barely used. But...
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    Can't recycle... Can't compost...

    I just moved, and after calling solid waste management for Toronto was informed that "recycling and green bin services do not exist for residences above retail stores or small apartment complexes". So I asked if I had any options. Perhaps a designated location I could leave my recycling...
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    West Coast Techno (San Francisco)

    So, we're down in SF, and having a hard time getting a bead on any good house/techno events here. Given that it's pride weekend here (as well as in TO) we know there has to be some good stuff going on. So far the best we've come up with is Ferry Corsten at Ruby Skye and Angel Moraes at The...
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    Sony PS3 - Pricing

    A smoking $549 for the severely crippled base version and 20G hard drive. A hot $659 for the full version and 60G drive. That's a lot of cash for a gaming machine. It's expected given the blue-ray drive and such, but still... Too hot to handle for many a gamer IMHO.
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    Open Concept Loft/Studio for July 1st

    Available July 1st 1400 square foot loft/studio space with 2 bedrooms and 12 foot + ceilings. Features include: Real hardwood floors in all living areas Ceramic tiles in kitchen and bathroom Exposed duct work Personal and self contained furnace, hot water heater and central air...
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    LF: Flyer Chumps

    I'm looking for someone to flyer a few parties over the next 2 weekends. Techno and Tech-House events mainly. If you're going out or flyering already perhaps a little extra coin in your pocket for the small amount of labour will be worthwhile? If interested send me a PM. We can discuss...