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    Cooking with Richie Hawtin

    half of the shit in traktor isn't in the manual and half of the commands can only be midi assignable, there's no knob/fader/button etc. in the gui
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    Cooking with Richie Hawtin

    there's an option that lets you sync a track on load and then you make sure it's phase synced from the start, that's how he beatmatched in an instant from a deck, every track he loads does that, whether it has beatgrids or whether its tempo synced from the traktor engine
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    DJ PRrrrrreach!

    preach is awesome seen him at wemf last summer no one plays the prodigy's smack my bitch up using the filters on the mixer a thousand times while lip singing the track the whole time quiet like preach can
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    WTF is going on in Italy right now?

    the italians did and always will dominate in techno music
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    Vampyr Video

    from what i hear, that's all he's gonna play tonite....
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    Lets hear next Year's Booking Request...

    oliver lieb no?
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    Lets hear next Year's Booking Request...

    gabry fasano rino cerrone markantonio davide squillace joy kitikonti mario piu RICCARDO FERRI athos daniele papini gigi d'agostino marco zaffarano franchino renato figoli gaetano parisio lucca alex dionysi and.... DJ HELL
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    History of Minimal

    1994 wolfgang voigt
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    tomasso ferrari - party on the luna rossa yacht {minimal + techno}

    shackleton - blood on my hands - ricardo villalobos apocalypto mix sarah goldfrab - tin et tus matt star - balztanz der schwingungen - dominico eulberg mix swat squad vs paul ritch - natural gum cocoon compilation g - untitled promo sarah goldfrab - crashed by society dinamoe - danser eu...
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    Promoting techno events to an under 25 crowd...

    the secret: girls!!! get them dancing and everyone else will follow
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    YouTube Thread: Techno Room Edition

    best track ever http://youtube.com/watch?v=NE8YNHKiGnQ
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    Are you Tone Deaf? Take the test

    98.1 fuck eh?
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    Dominik Eulberg Interview (higher-frequency)

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    Systema Saturdays Artist Search!!!!!!!!!

    hell koze kitikonti
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    Systema Saturdays Artist Search!!!!!!!!!

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    Transmit Finale and thanks to TORONTO!!!!

    thanks jeremy and alex! you guys managed to promote the talented djs and producers of techno from toronto, and you're right THIS CITY HAS GOT SOME TALENT!! keep it up best of luck with all your future endeavours
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    tomasso ferrari & eric neufeld - october's finest tracks [minimal/techno]

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    tomasso ferrari o64 [minimal / techno]

    http://www.tomassoferrari.com/064.mp3 mike monday - bhalobashi (agry mix) toaune - gafrrad control douglas greed - curie ekkohaus - daredevil daso - dott limacon - mantra nuel - pupa audiofly and scarlett etienne - loos lips sync ships break 3000 - flash (remute remix) ripperton -...