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    who has the best price on ipods?

    Looking for an ipod touch 4th gen, 32G Can anyone recommend a vendor? Thanks
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    Webinar help

    I am investigating the cost and logistics of hosting a seminar for my clients over the web. Any idea's on where to start? I would like to invite my clients, have them go to a webpage to register and enter their information, then join the webinar. The presentation would be live and...
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    The crisis of credit

    Here's a 2 part video series that simplifies the cause effect of the credit crisis. It was created by a student working on his thesis work exploring the use of new media to make sense of a increasingly complex world, visit jonathanjarvis.com I love this kind of work and for a visual...
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    Need some custom printed tickets fast

    Hello all, Just looking for someone to print me some event tickets similar to what Ticketmaster does. I need about 1000 and they need to be done in short order. Like 3 days. Any help and how much does this usually cost? Thanks
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    T4 - CRA - Employer nightmare - Anyone care to help???

    So my friend who hasn't filed their taxes in 3 years comes to me for advice. We work together to get the returns completed and do an RRSP contribution before Mar 2, 09. They are going to use the first time home buyer program, hopefully next summer. It looks like they are going to get quite...
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    High Park appartment for rent

    If you know of anybody who would like to take over a ground level house apartment in High Park, I have a wicked place up for rent at the end of April. Big windows in a single bedroom unit of about 800 square feet in an open concept layout. Parking, utilities and laundry included for...
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    Home phone, internet, cable, cell

    Do you think I can find anyone out there that can help me?? What a bunch of fuck sticks!!!!! I need. 2 phone lines. - One unlimited LD no other options - One local, call ID and answering machine High speed internet connection Cell plan Cable, maybe Fuck!!! I get...
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    I miss Boombox on Sirius, any suggestions?

    My Sirius sub is running out in March and I don't plan on renewing since I have lost my favorite station, Boombox. Any suggestions of an internet radion station similar to Boombox? Thanks
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    Converting a DVD to CD - Help please

    How do I go about converting a video DVD into a CD that I can play in my car? I have some training DVD's from work that are basically just some guys sitting there in suits talking so I would like to just listen to them in the car. I have a PC and access to a mac. The DVD's are 2.5 hours...
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    Pride this year, are they licencing everything again?

    Ok so IMO they fucked up pride last year with all the licenced areas. What's going on with the Welsely stage this year? Who's playing and is it free or what. The pride web site sux thanks b
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    Where to rent laser tag gear

    Yo Tribers! My kid wants to have a laser tag birthday party in our back yard. Preferably at night with glow sticks and a bon fire!!!! He's turning 10 this year! Help me be father of the year would ya? Where can I find 4 to 6 laser tag systems for rent? Thanks b
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    T4's, what if my idiot boss won't give me mine?

    Hi Tribers! I have searched the gov.ca site to find out what to do if my employer made a mistake on my T4 (income too high) and refuses to provide me with an updated copy. I can't find anything. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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    Things to do in Monterrey Mexico

    Hello Tribe from Monterrey Mexico! I am here on business and am looking for things to do, like where to eat? Come on, I know you travel savy tribers have been to this city before. Unfortunately my boss, who I am with, has not. And... he doesn't speak Spanish! I thought all American's had to...
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    Cops in cruisers f'ing around with drivers

    Last night on the 407 I videoed an opp cop in a standard cruiser hitting the gas and charging up to the bumper of the car in front of him. He then proceeded to drop in behind me and do the same. Then the light came on inside the car and he was obviously running my plate. Then he moved into...
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    Rudolph is on!!

    Right now on ABC!!!! I love the dentist!!!!
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    setting up a shell company in Canada

    Anyone have any ideas on how to do this legally? I want to setup a company in Canada that doesn't actually do any business here to pay my Canadian workers in can $'s. I don't know if this is cost effective given the company will have to pay Canadian corp taxes. thx
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    looking for a room to rent for 2 weeks near dundas and bathurst

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone here would be so kind as to point me in the right direction. My sister is coming to Toronto for 2 weeks to work at a hospital finishing her internship (although that's not what they call it now) She needs a room in a good place but only for 2 weeks...
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    why does the MJ breeze blow this way?

    Why is it that every time I am in a US hotel and I open the window the wind blows in????? Bad enough I have to endure the right wing nationalist fucks at work here in the USA, but when I get back to my shitty hotel room I have to worry about smoke fall out????? Fuck. b
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    There are no smart police

    Only stupid criminals. That is all. b
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    Bachelorette Party Help

    Hey, I've been asked about a party for some chick. The maid of honor is looking for a sex therapist as entertainment. Anyone ever hear of this, seen it, do it??? Looking for experienced pro's no fly by night kids, thanks b