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  1. J

    FS: PC bits - uw scsi raid, gtxp, slim cdrom, 3Dfx V2, 5.25" parallel enclosure.

    UW SCSI RAID setup - $20 - Mylex DAC960LB w/ 4mb ram - (3) 2.1g seagate scsi drives + cable + terminator Play with SCSI RAID, Cheap!! Hercules GTXP (Game Theatre) - $30 Hercules Game Theater XP (original) includes PCI card, Cable & Port Box Teac 24x SLIM CDrom - $40 - TRUE IDE connector -...
  2. J

    house music @ work

    yea, usually i'm stuck with headphones.. walked into Rogers today @ 1 mount pleasant & they have a dj spinning house & a bunch of little tennis competitions to promo the tennis event that Rogers is sponsoring.. :eek: cool ps. apparently it was better during World Cup.. HD TVs everywhere..
  3. J

    review: teDD paTTerson @ Sonic

    Another Stellar night @ Sonic. got there a little before 2 and from the lineup figured it would be pretty quiet inside. got in & the place was bumpin' already. Nevio played a nice opening set, though not as impressive as his opener for Danny Torrence. Tedd Patterson came on and took it to...
  4. J

    Review: Sean Miller, Matt C, Cajjmere Wray @ SONIC

    got there just as it was opening, basically didn't stop dancing until it closed around 10:45.. i remember we were outside before 11.. the tunes were retarded off the hook.. from the moment we got in until sean pulled down the volume on some cool vocal sample which i am too baked to remember the...
  5. J

    review: Saeed Younan @ Boa

    short because my back is destroyed and needs rest. well i had a good time, the opening dj's mixes were kinda off.. :confused: but he essentially played all very popular tunes.. so at least people were still having some fun.. what a difference when Saeed came on.. for myself i was sittin...
  6. J

    Sean Miller @ State Theatre (sunday-feb26)

    Well it has once again been WAAAAAY too long since I've heard Sean. end of august until new years day (his Lily set was too short to fully count!) and waiting for Sonic would be new years day until april :mad: Needless to say I was ecstatic to find out Carey's throwing some sunday jams...
  7. J

    FS: WEMF 2 day ticket. - $50

    Selling a 2 day ticket to WEMF. At this point just looking to get rid of it, so looking for $50.. plz use email, not PM. graham [at] tht [dot] net