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    youtube, sports room addition

    couldnt find one of these when i searched, so.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9zE81sjks4&mode=related&search=
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    Duck and Cover

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    8 fucking days

    so my power came on today, its been 8 fucking days since i've had power or heat... the storm here in buffalo last week was insane, there are two story high piles of tree limbs on every street... some pics below.....
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    Chernobyl pics

    dont know it this was already posted...... its really disturbing.... http://www.magnuminmotion.com/essay_chernobyl/
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    Trance Duck

    has anyone seen Trance Duck lately?????
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    Footwork 1 year

    so fucking coming up for this one. fucks yeah
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    Bertuzzi gets sweet hate mail

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    Olivier Desemet

    here's his WMC promo for this year http://www.amentimusic.com/press/od_wmc2006.mp3
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    Lets Club Some Seals

    CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island (AP) -- Opponents of Canada's seal hunt have a powerful ally in their bid to end the annual slaughter: Paul McCartney, who took to the ice floes Thursday and frolicked with the doe-eyed pups just weeks before the harvest gets under way. The former Beatle...
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    Larry Robinson Resign's

    http://msn.foxsports.com/nhl/story/5181096 done with the devils
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    Not ben watt thread

    in here there is no ben watt
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    JOSHB has a coke problem

    he needs some help guys, he's takin it in the pooper for coke in a back ally is Soho.... his ass can fit a basketball in it... seriously, i saw the video
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    JOSHB is out of control

    Dude, get a fucking life man, you have over 2,000 posts in like 6 months.... and you live in NYC..... your so fucking gay
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    Chuck Norris

    Top Thirty Facts Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried. Chuck Norris built a time machine and went back in time to stop the JFK assassination. As Oswald shot, Chuck met all three bullets with his beard, deflecting them. JFK's head exploded out of sheer...
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    STOP....or you will be Eliminated

    ED 209 is pist, he hates trance, and is being sent by the house room to destroy all the inferior trance heads..... put down your oakenfold CD's and bow down to ED 209!!!!!
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    Raoul live in NYC 7-2-05

    caught Raoul in Manhattan on Saturday night, my friend recorded the whole thing. this set is slamin, one of the best times i've had in a while... get it while it's still up....Enjoy! www.naudio.net/audio/live@14th_st_loft.mp3
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    Rap Snacks

    so i walked into this little bodega, and i see this shit..... what will they think of next http://www.rapsnacks.com/home.htm
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    Raoul Belmans

    So my question is when the hell is someone going to book him, i just saw him twice at WMC, and he absolutely kills it, such unique style... him and his Belgin counterpart Olivier Desmet are rediculous....
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    Morgan Giest

    thought i got a flyer at Sneaks party for morgan geist in Toronto this saturday??? unfortunetly i cannot find the flyer any longer, anyone have any info?
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    Track Id Please

    track is from a JT Donaldson live at Mink in Dallas, the vocal goes "go on and get up, get down and get dirty" any help would be appreciated Anthony