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    Tremblant or Mont Saint Anne??

    I have never been to either, and the GF and I want to go in the next few weeks. any feedback??? MSA= $276 2 nights and 2 days lifts Tremblant $450 2 night and 2 day lifts
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    Gold Teeth

    does anyone know where i can get one gold cap made?
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    how to save dj mixes???

    So i just downloaded a dj mix, and i am trying to move it to itunes, and when it gets there it reads 0 seconds. i use mac and safari and when i downloaded the mix a second safari window opened and downloaded the mix. so then i went to file, and save as and saved it to my desktop. then i dragged...
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    Ghetto gold needed...

    me and my friends are going to a ol' skool hip hop themed party, and we want to find costume or fake gold rope chains like run dmc, and big daddy kane rocked. anyone know a ghetto jewellery stand or store that sells fake rope chains?
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    Kona Coffee?

    Where in toronto can i get some, Kensington?
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    Engagement rings?

    So i am starting to shop for an engagement ring, and I am soliciting tribe's help. I would like some honest feedback (especially from the females) about jewellery stores, styles, how much to spend everything.I have been doing allot of research about diamonds, but I am clueless about everyhting...
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    Where in the bible?

    I am compltetly oblivious to the bible, religion, and all things holy. So someone please educate me as to where in the bible it says... 1. we should not have blood transfusions (sp) ? this is for johovah's witnesses. 2. premarital sex is bad 3. what is condsidered premarital sex? is oral or...
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    Best Horror movies

    It is time for a horror movie marathon. Recomend your favourite Horror movies.
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    Excel help

    I am a newbie with excel and I have created a new sheet with check boxes. However, instead of having the check box result in a "True" or "False" I would like the result to be nothing or blank if unchecked, and when it is checked i need it to say a simple sentence like "review account" Any...
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    The what do you want for x-mas thread

    So every thanksgiving i get harrased about what i want for x-mas. Maybe my family just like to be prepared, i dunno. Anyways it could be a little early but what do you want for x-mas.
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    wedding songs

    my GF's mom is getting re-married, and to save money they have asked me to bring my cdj's and dj for an hour. I need wedding song ideas.
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    Kanye west late orchestration.

    love him or hate him, all hip hop fans should watch this dvd. heres a clip... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c96kxtQJzkA
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    Car insurance vehicle pics

    I am trying to up my car insurance coverage as I have just moved into a condo with a underground parking wth multiple break ins. my problem is to add comprehansive coverage i need to add collison, and i need to go get pics takin of my car. My car is souped up, and I am nervous about them...
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    Dave Cahpelle coiming to T.O.

    couldn't find another thread abolut this... I am a huge fan and i just found out. Dave Cahpelle live at massey hall on August 21. tickets went on sale today at 10am. check http://www.roythomson.com/eventInfo.cfm?P=3518&YearMonth=2006,8 more more info
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    recommend an artist, gallery, shop, etc.

    i recently moved into my first condo, and i have a 20 foot hallway that needs some art, but i have never bought art before. i guess ilike urban or abstract stuff like kozyndan. suggestion plz.
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    Tech 1200's Crazy Deal $800

    *POSTING FOR A FREIND* You get... - 2 Technic's 1200 mk2 - 2 headhsells - 2 Stanton Scratch cartridges All for the low low price of $800. He must sell quickly. For info, pics etc. email nelson at nowsin@hotmail.com
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    time to come clean...

    me and my friends are hooked on the show "my name is earl" and in the spirit of coming clean, and making amens, here are the two meanest things i ever did..... 1. at a party at the docks, some chick who was very high and kick steped backwards into me. then i lite some of her hair on fire...
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    time to come clean...

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    time to come clean...

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    Turntables For Sale $200

    One Staneton Str8-60, And One Stanton Str8-80. Good Begineer Tables. They Are Btoh In Working Condition, And Come With Headshells And Stanton 500-al Cartridges. Pm For Pics And Info