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    Media Streaming Options?

    I am buying a flatscreen for my dad and one of the requirements for the setup is that he needs to be able to play his downloaded shows (of different formats) to the TV. What I have found so far: 1) USB Port on TV - Samsung seems to be the only one that recognizes formats. At least the ones...
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    Business ISP Providers

    My office is moving soon and I have to find us an ISP provider, or at least get quotes from a few. We are currently with Blink and have a fibre connection (10Mbit up/down) and a 10Mbit WAN connection between Mississauga and Downtown Toronto. Can any of you list of some other providers I...
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    French Keyboards

    Wondering if any frenchies here have experience with French Keyboards. There seems to be the French Keyboard and the French Canadian Keyboard Layout. The French seems much better. The Canadian one doesn't have most of the special characters on it. Anyone know how the input of characters with...
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    Best place to buy a new desktop (cheap)

    Ok, so a friend needs a desktop for office work. E-Mail, MsOffice, that would be about it. She does not want a used computer as I suggested, but a new one. Anyway I'm used to building gaming rigs, and would like to avoid building this one if possible. Has anyone bought a plain vanilla...
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    Small Form Internet Tablets

    I've been looking for an iPod touch like product that's not from Apple and came across the Nokia N810... It's got everything the iPod touch was missing: Stylus pen, expandable memory, full physical keyboard, gps, webcam, microphone, access to tons of applications and mods... Obviously...
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    Where can I buy Cat 5E cable in bulk

    Hi, I've looked around online but I'm not sure what I even need to get. Basicaly I want to buy a 1000 feet of Cat 5E cable to make variable length patch cables for use around the office... These wouldn't be going through the ceiling, just loose patch cables, or from switch to switch, etc...
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    :: XP vs Vista ::

    Ok so this thread is insipred by this post... I am running Vista on my desktop and XP on my laptop... If I was to choose only one of them today it would be Vista... Not really sure what problems people are running into unless you are trying to run older hardware... BTW: Are any of you...
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    :: Internet Explorer - Viewing large JPGs ::

    Wondering if anyone has come accross this problem... I have some files online and the jpgs are roughly 8MB each. Internet Explorer shows a red X instead of the image. The windows picture viewer can view them just fine. I have also tried loading them into IE localy and I still get a red X...
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    Apple Macbook Questions

    A coworker bought a 13" Macbook. Pretty little thing. Now she's looking to setup a desk at home with an LCD monitor and a mouse and Keyboard. There doesnt' seem to be a docking solution for the Macbook, or at least I didn't see where you could plug it into one. There are only two USB...
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    :: Shipping a Server Overseas ::

    I need to ship a server to a friend in the UK and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations based on past experiences... This may seem silly but I just haven't shipped anything large overseas before... - Best courier to go with (FedEx, Purolator, CanadaPost, Xpresspost...
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    :: Website Photo Gallery Suggestions ::

    Hi, I want a good photo gallery for my website... I tried Gallery2 and it just runs very slow... Any suggestions welcome... Hiding certain albums/photos for authenticated users only is something I would like but could go without if everything else is great...
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    :: Darkfall Online ::

    I've been hearing a lot about this game over the last year or so and think I might try to get in the beta groups. The game is a mmorpg and from what I understand will take the best from many mmorpgs (UO / Asheron's Call). It promises many things (hopefuly they deliver as well) with their main...
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    :: Patio Suggestions Needed ::

    Ok so this weekend 3 of my close friends are celebrating their b-days together... We are looking for a good place to do this and here is what we are looking for... a) Must have a patio... b) Must play good bumpin music... (Housy, Funky, Trancy, whatever just no Top 40)... c) Style code or...
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    :: Webcam Home Security Surveillance ::

    Hey, I want to install a few webcams around my house which would capture and record when they detect motion... As well, I'd like to be able to monitor them remotely through a website... Ideally I'd like four cams in total... Two for the doorways and two in the middle of the house... Could...
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    :: West End Head Shops ::

    I'm looking to get a new bowl for my bong without going downtown... Does anyone know of shops in the west end that have them... ? Thanks...
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    :: Fishing ::

    I tried searching for a thread on fishing, but had no luck... Feel free to point me in the right direction if you think you are better at searching the forums... In two weeks some friends and I are going portaging / camping / canoeing in Algonquin Park... We will be there for a full week and...
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    Tribe URL Bug

    Ok so I don't know about everyone else, but most of the time I just type 'tribe.ca' into my address bar to get to this site... However, a lot of the times it doesn't work and I have to use the 'tribemagazine.com' url instead... I don't think it is a dns issue with my isp as this happens from...
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    Building a Comp - Hardware Recommendations

    So my mom's old PII is crapping out and she has agreed on opening up her wallet for a budget system... I am looking to build the system myself, but I have not looked at any comp hardware in a long time... I would like to build a mini system with the least ammount of components possible...
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    LF: Co-Location Services in Toronto

    Just wondering if anyone here co-locates their servers within Toronto... I'm currently looking to get my rack server hosted somewhere, but have no clue where to even start looking... Prices, bandwith, etc... Any help and info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Camping - Need Food Suggestions

    ------ I'm going on a 5 day camping trip this weekend and I'm not sure what food I should bring... I'm looking for things that don't take up much room, are easily prepared, and wont go bad during the 5 days... Any Suggestions... ? Thanks... ------