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    Happy Birthday Chernobyl!

    Happy birthday little sis! Man do I feel old now. Have a great day. Love ya.... Chrissy, Ethan and Chloe
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    Happy Birthday Chernobyl!

    Happy birthday to the best little sister and aunt in the whole world. Love ya baby! Chris
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    Turning 29

    Well it is not as bad as they say. Actually it must be pretty good since my sister has been 29 for years:D I had a fun celebrating my birthday tonight. It was nice to have a babysitter and actually get out of the house! Went to the Black Bull patio. Yes I am home already.... Christine...
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    Lurker no more

    So after well over a year lurking I finally decided to register. It has taken me over a week to post, so I decided to bite the bullet and get the first post over with. Please be gentle with me....:D