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    Gay Vegas?

    Heading out there soon- curious if anyone has any recommendations for gay clubs/strip clubs... never been there before so not sure what to expect
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    Recording audio from the net

    I want to record(make an mp3) of a pre-recorded concert that is now on the net. Any suggestions on what site/program I can use to do this? thanks!
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    excel help

    help if i want to select a row of cells in excel and want a check mark to appear if you click on the cell, how do you do that? (memory shortage this morning) thanks
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    sexy new songs

    so what new tracks are you loving right now?? totally into the new Kelis track-Bossy!!
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    My Friend the Chocolate Cake

    Has anyone else heard this group?? they are great!! check it out!
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    Fabric 28/RadioPromo

    Do any of you know the track listings for the short 30min promos that were done for Fabric 28--- Terry Francis Nathan Coles???
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    sushi-how much is too much?

    lately i have been eating a lot of sushi(almost daily)--usually either tuna or salmon--anyway, does anyone know if eating this amount of raw fish is safe?(due to mercury levels etc.)
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    Professor Ratings

    Besides www.ratemyprofessor.com is there any other websites where you can get student evaluations on profs??
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    Kristin Cavallari

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    What exactly does ‘SHORTY’ mean? I hear it in so many R&B tracks now…I know its referring to someones gfriend—but why ‘Shorty’??? Please help………
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    hotmail server down?

    hotmail sucks!
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    Control Myself-LL/JLO

    anyone else hear this yet?? stupid track! JLO sounds like she is trying to rip off BlackEyedPeas-My Humps!
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    can't believe Tim won! *shakes fist*

    muchmusic VJ search! tim was the weakest link...
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    annoying sushi eaters...

    i love sushi. but am i the only one that is annoyed when people order these 'fusion' styles--like chicken sushi???(WTF???)--- my rant for the day....
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    Donkeys DO make better wives!

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    Project Catwalk

    I have a feeling that its going to be better than 'Project Runway'....still can't believe Chloe won!(ugh!)
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    smoking in calgary

    does anyone know if you can still smoke inside of clubs in Calgary?
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    the Bee Season

    has anyone seen it? i just saw it and it was brilliant! one of the best movies out this year--should have won some awards!
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    protein intake question

    can't seem to find this: what is the recommended amount of protein intake for men?
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    Need some help: So i need to get a new discman to use at the gym---any particular brand recommended---i am using a Panasonic player and it isn't very loud and skips all the time---any particular brands that will be louder/skip less? (or is it in the headphones)??? any suggestions would be...