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    NEW Daft Punk Album

    New Daft Punk Album on the Way, Produced by Nile Rodgers of 'Material Girl' Fame - International Business Times New Daft Punk Album on the Way, Produced by Nile Rodgers of 'Material Girl' Fame By IBTimes Staff Reporter: Subscribe to IBTimes's RSS feed February 8, 2012 6:26 PM EST A...
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    They called him the fool in the pajamas...

    Alright tribe, I'm looking for help tracking down an old commercial. It was about a guy that went speedwalking, and a woman was narrating...she starts off telling about how "they called him the fool in the pajamas" and then the fool wins an olympic medal for racewalking. I've searched the...
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    Rave Kills Dolphin :(

    :( Headline of the year: Mon 14th Nov, 2011 in International News It seems not everyone loves banging techno as much as ITMers do, with The Sun reporting that a rave in Switzerland has been blamed for the death of a dolphin in a nearby aquarium. Wait, what? Apparently, the noise from a...
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    For Rent - 1 Bdr Apt at Danforth/Broadview

    Looking for someone to take over my apartment at 10 Hogarth Ave this September. I can move out anytime, so the move-in date is flexible. Only reason I'm leaving is because I'm moving overseas! It's an unfurnished junior 1 bedroom in a great apartment building. $925/month, includes...
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    Working Holidays

    Ever done one? If so please share some of the details... - where did you go and how long did you stay overseas for? - did you have trouble finding work? - good experience/bad experience? etc, etc. And yes I searched, but couldn't find too much in the way of threads on the...
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    Cleanses / Diets / Fasts

    Have you done a cleanse before? What did you do and why? What were the results? Trying something out right now? Spring is here and I've decided I really want to make an effort to get healthy. Combined with going back to the gym, I want to kick things off with a cleanse or special diet...
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    Pot-firing catapult

    Pot-firing catapult found at Arizona-Mexico border Pot-firing catapult found at Arizona-Mexico border Drug smugglers trying to get marijuana across the Arizona-Mexico border apparently are trying a new approach — a catapult. National Guard troops operating a remote video surveillance...
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    Happy Birthday DANIELABLAU!

    Since you're doing a fine job of not telling anyone it's your dirtythirty I figured I would broadcast it for you.:D Have a good one, and have an awesome time partying tonight! If I don't join you for drinks (thanks for the last minute notice, asshole) I'll come harass you soon, because I...
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    What Toronto Neighborhood Do You Live In and Why is it Awesome?

    Well? Tell me about where you live in Toronto and why you love it. I'm moving back to the city soon, and I can't decide where I want to set up camp. I used to live in Greektown/Riverdale and I really liked it, but I'm thinking about trying something new.
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    Green Velvet

    Footwork, June 26. Anyone?
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    GiRL TaLK

    June 18 @ Sound Academy with Keys N' Krates and Kidstreet hate all you want, i love his mash-ups and will be in attendance. I don't who Kidstreet are, but with a name like that they have to be cool.
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    Ottawa - yay/nay?

    I might be relocating to Ottawa for work. Can anybody give me some info on what it's like living there? I know there's another Ottawa thread kicking around, but it's from like 2007 and I'd like some current advice. Basically I want to know if I will be bored out of my skull there. I'm 25...
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    Steve Aoki, anyone?

    Friday Jan 29th. Thinking about going...just wish it wasn't at This is London.
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    weird books

    lookin' for a weird book? visit the weird book room on AbeBooks! Discover Literary Oddities in the Weird Book Room on AbeBooks my new favourite thing in literature :) highlights include:
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    hi boys, sorry to burst into the locker room, but i have a question and i need some male help. and no it's not some stupid girly question, i'm trying to help this guy i know get laid. so i was out last weekend with some old friends, and the one guy has recently broken up with girlfriend...
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    apologies if this has been posted already, my search function isn't working. this just may be my new favourite site since fml.com texts people sent the previous night, usually while drunk or high. pure juvenile comedy at it's best, textsfromlastnight.com is sure to amuse the simple-minded...
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    Adobe InDesign courses

    i'm looking to take an intro course to adobe indesign for work (on the company bill!). i tried searching a bit on google but can't find much. has anybody taken a course like this that could recommend a place? ps - alexd, please feel free to route this to the computer thread, just wanted to...
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    going out alone/meeting new people

    do you ever go out to clubs/bars/events, etc by yourself? looking for your thoughts/advice on this ladies. here's my story: i'm pretty new to TO. none of the people i know are into the same stuff i am really, especially night life. for example my roomates only ever want to go to top-40...
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    my first cell phone

    i've decided to finally step into the 21st century and i'm buying my very first cell phone. since i don't know anything about technology, i need some help/suggestions. i'm going to get pay-as-you-go, because i just want something for when i'm out (this is not going to be my home phone)...
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    "give me back my kidney!"

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1109122/Give-kidney-1-5m-surgeon-demands-estranged-wife.html Give me back my kidney or give me $1.5m, surgeon demands of estranged wife By Sarah Titterton Last updated at 10:09 PM on 08th January 2009 At one point he loved her so much...