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    2002 Grey KIA RXV - Great Condition!

    MUST SELL (moving to Australia in two weeks)!!! Grey Kia RXV 2002 – 46,700km, 4 door hatchback, automatic, dual airbags, power windows and locks, air conditioning, bucket seats, roof rack, Power-train warranty, new all-season tires, AM/FM Stereo, grey interior and exterior, certified...
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    Overseas shipping service recommendations

    Ok apparently, I am very new and have posted a few - first time, how do you do this threads today... I am moving to Australia at the end of the month would like to find the best way (cheapest way) to ship a few boxes over. Can anyone recommend a service they have used or know about?! I...
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    Advice needed on how to sell a secondhand car

    Hello... So I want to sell my car which I purchased second hand from a dealership last year. I would like to put it on the open market but know nothing about this kind of stuff and would greatly appreciate good advice from people who have sold their cars in the past. Firstly where are the...
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    Looking for a Female break dancer ASAP!

    Looking for a good female break dancer to perform at on May 9 at the Gladstone from 4pm - 7pm. Dancer will have to come in early to get her hair done - the product is for a big hair care company. This pays about $100 an hour - professionals need only apply! If you are interested please pm...
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    Down town photo booth locations?

    I know I could probably google this but all of you are such a wealth of information that I figured this would be faster and I am in a rush... Can anyone list some down town photo booth locations? I need to get some passport pictures taken. I live at Isabella & Jarvis, so I am looking...
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    The Breakup

    This is hilarious (or at least I thought so) I got this off Struttin' With Smith's blog (thanks for the link AlyG) First her apology and then his response follows. WARNING: may offend some, but surely amuse many others! THE BREAK-UP Brad, It would be difficult for me to be any...
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    Happy Birthday Big League Chu!

    Hey Colin - Happy Birthday!!!! :D Hope to make it out for tonight's debaucherous celebrations. Hope this year brings you everything you wish for and more :)
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    Adobe illustrator tutor needed ASAP!

    Hello Tribe, My friend is looking for someone to tutor her in Adobe Illustrator. She is willing to pay but needs help ASAP. This is her message: I have formated an ad in Adobe Illustrator with some graphic elements that exceed the size of the artboard. I don't know how to crop the...
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    Two Metric Tickets for sale - tonight's show Wed September 28!

    Two metric tickets for sale for tonight's show. PM me if interested. Asking for $30 each ticket or best offer. Thanks, Karen :)
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    Happy Birthday Rudebwoy!

    Happy Birthday Craig! Hope this year brings you many car bombs, laughs and a many honeys to mack! I am going to try and make it up to Hamilton for your birthday but if by chance I don't I will be definitely do an keg stand in your honour. :) Hope to see you soon.
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    small job opportunity :looking for someone who can build websites

    My friend is looking for someone who can design a web site for him. It will be a fairly small project, only four pages. More details to follow (I know he has already bought the domain and has all the info and pics ready). Please pm me if anyone is interested.
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    Indie Rock band recommendations?!

    I just went to New York last week and spent the day in Williamsburg, they had this super cool record/CD shop where they sold a lot of local band's CDs. I picked up this awesome one by a group called: CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH I highly recommend them, they sound a little like a cross...
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    FS: 2 Canada's Wonderland passes

    asking $25 each...negotiable (Retail value $56.21 each)
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    Yay! Sunnyside is back July 29th, who is in???

    I thought that there would be no sunnyside this year but was pleasantly surprised to see its back and on my birthday of all nights! House music all night long! Can't wait! :D
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    websites for cheap airline tickets?

    Hi Everyone, Am looking to book a flight to New York first week of August was wondering if anyone knew of any websites with cheap ticket links I have already checked www.expedia.ca - any others? Thanks in advance.
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    Mother's Day venue suggestions?!

    Ok so I am looking for a place that serves Tea but English elegant styles complete with scones, devon cream and jam (my mom is a true Brit). I know the King Edward offers this as well as the Windsor arms but they are both fully booked, boooo :( Anyone else know where they may offer this in...
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    Restaurant recommendations for birthday party

    I was hoping someone could recommend a fun, not too expensive restaurant located in the downtown core who would take a reservation for a birthday party of around 20 people. Thanks in advance! :)
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    What Men's names Say About them...

    My friend sent me this today, thought it was kind of funny. What Men's Names Say About Them Adam - cute, funny and needs a bath. Adrian - usually short and very horny, watches cartoons. Alan - shy but sensitive, gets screwed over by women. Alex - cute and short but very open to...
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    Corporate Communications & Marketing Management

    Not sure this is the best place to post inquiries on subjects such as these but I have applied to both of these programs at Seneca for next year and am curious if anyone has ever taken them or are currently working in marketing or corporate communications and could give me some insight, advice...
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    Pixies Tickets for sale!

    2 Pixies tickets for sale Date: Thursday Nov 25 @ arrow hall Row: GA3 Seats: 43 & 44 $50 each! :) PM me if interested!