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    Drunk... but here's an attempt at a review. All in all, very good stuff. It has been a little while since I've heard consistently good techno. Not an easy task, especially when you want to keep the majority of people moving all night. Ira was great, and the reviews of the posted set in...
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    What Are You Listening To Now Part 1

    ^^^ that link isn't working.
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    CLAIRE( isis )RAUNCHY Techno/Electro/Breakbeat + Minimal

    this deserves a bump. aside from the first uffie track, which i never really really liked, but only sorta, and am now sick of... this is a very, very good set. like the others, i was pleasantly surprised. good stuff. really enjoyed this. nice and consistently funky. this should be heard...
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    What Are You Listening To Now Part 1

    ^^^^haven't heard it. last sweetncandy record i heard (and liked) was a dash remix. this week: florian miendl from karaoke to stardom matt starr kane roth
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    Fukhouse Compression Session Vol. 1 Eric Downer

    agreed. some good shit. just got around to listening to this now.
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    lucky halifax! ... tiga is coming ! feb 23rd

    that's awesome :eek: just one question, since its the sexor album tour, does that mean he'll be singing and stuff or will it be a dj set?
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    FS: Pioneer CDJ 800mk1

    has this sold yet?
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    OCTAVE ONE @ the drake underground

    i gotta say, that was feckin great. wasn't really expecting much, but the old school techno to start the night and the vibe in there in general throughout the night was so sweet. the least favorite part of my night was the first half of octave one's set. but really, who cares, they finished...
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    Dominik Eulberg destroyes!!!

    heard one a couple of days ago from the podcast section on residentadvisor.net
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    Kick Magazine @ Salem's Loft

    the heat was not an issue. not sure what they did. didn't see any fans or anything. peko was great. so were the couches. i was far too drunk. don't really remember all that much more.
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    Pionner HDJ-1000 Headphones for sale

    pm sent. :D
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    werd. i'm there. went to regenerate last year. one of the three best parties of the year for me.
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    What makes you stress/loose sleep?

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    Toronto Raptors 2005-2006

    I'll take your free tickets next season, PM me. I understand that its very hard to go to free games with those lousy raptors. I care about people on tribe. Damn whining athletes. Not you, athletes.
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    Toronto Raptors 2005-2006

    ^^ not gonna happen. throw in araujo and we might have a deal.
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    Halifax record shops

    It's revolution records, on prince. Good people, but their selection is a little... sparse. Don't know of any others.
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    JAMIE KIDD - "The BangFang Treatment" - Tek/Elctr.Haus/Miniml Mix

    I thought Jamie had one e, not ten. :eek: My spelling sucks. This set is amazing though. Nice work as usual.