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    Tequila: My final frontier

    So I know Scotch and all other types of whiskey inside out. Have Gin hammered home. Rum locked down. Know way more than I should about the uselessness that is Vodka. But know nothing about Tequila except that I know good tequila is night and day better than bad tequila. More so than any...
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    Under the Dome

    So every network has been trying to find the next big LOST type show. After watching the premier of UNDER THE DOME tonight I think this has come the closest to it. It's too early to tell but it looks promising. Half way in I already knew I'd watch 6 more in a row if they were available, a...
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    LF: DJ for my Company's Christmas Parties

    I'm looking for a DJ that can do two company Christmas parties in December. You need to have your own equipment and play a mix of music that will appeal to the younger people in our company. First party is Saturday Dec 1 at the Holiday Inn in Guelph Second party is Saturday Dec 8 at the...
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    FS: Allen & Heath Xone 42 - $650

    I have an immaculate condition A&H Xone 42 mixer for sale. Smoke free home studio use only and very rarely used at that. Reason for sale, upgraded to Xone 92. $650 pm me here or matthew(dot)coleridge(at)gmail(dot)com
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    LF - PA System to rent for Sat July 9th

    I'm looking to rent a small PA system for a restaurant space on Saturday July 9th for a private party. I'd say total space at around 600-700 square feet; around 50 people max. It doesn't need to be super loud, but I don't want distortion so I'm fine with plenty of head room. I have an A&H...
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    LF: Allen & Heath Xone 92 to rent

    Anybody know of places that rent this mixer other than: Moog Steve's Long & McQuaid
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    Blogs/Sources of Info

    Anybody got links to some good music production blogs, or review websites etc... I want to get back in to it after a few years off. I'm way out of the loop when it comes to what plugins are hot these days.
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    Question for the regular Gardner drivers

    I have to get to the airport tomorrow during afternoon rush hour. How much extra time should I allow getting out of the downtown because of the Gardner construction? I'm thinking of ordering my airport taxi for a 1/2 hour earlier than normal.
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    Employee of "Harold the Jewellery Buyer" tries to kill Jack Berkovits of Omni Jewel

    Crazyness! Alleged murder plot rocks cash-for-gold rivalry - The Globe and Mail Toronto Police have charged a 71-year-old woman in connection with a bizarre plot to put an alleged hit on a prominent jeweller. The cast of characters is as unlikely as could be imagined, including, of course...
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    The Leslieville Turkey Vulture

    Welcome to our newest Leslieville resident! I've seen this guy twice, so I know it's a turkey vulture. I didn't believe it could be a vulture this far north but apparently they do come into Southern Ontario. First time was last Sunday. He was perched on a fence by the railway bridge on...
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    Matt Coleridge Live at FABRICATED Feb 19 2010 [smooth tech-house]

    Here's the last 80mins or so of my opening set at Fabricated on February 19, 2010. Download it here: MattColeridge - Matt Coleridge - Live at Fabricated - Opening Set - SoundCloud Tracklisting: Haito Goepfrich - Disconnected Black Van - Yearning Carlo Lio - Sammy's Revenge...
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    Where to buy wristbands?

    Anybody know where I can find those peel and stick event wristbands?
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    Needed: PS3 Blu-Ray Cheat Code

    I'm looking for the "up up down down left right left right b a start" equivalent for blu-rays on the ps3. Something that will let me bypass the 'Blu-Ray features might not work", FBI warnings, lame upcoming releases previews, studio animations, second FBI warnings etc... and just bring me...
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    Matt Coleridge - Until the End - Classic Coleridge House

    http://www.jontremblay.com/music/Matt%20Coleridge%20-%20Until%20the%20End.mp3 My first new DJ mix in 3 years! So I finally finished my first mix in a long long time. I think it's the classic Coleridge sound. Straight ahead, relentless, slightly druggy, dance floor oriented stuff...
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    Camel Burgers?

    I've noticed that White House Meats in the St. Lawrence Market is selling Camel Burgers. The camel comes from Australia. Anybody tried these? Or know what to expect taste wise? White House is also selling Kangaroo steaks.
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    "Some to with" a weird grammar/english language rule?

    Anybody know that the deal with the phrase "Some to with" is? Is it some weird quirk or old-time formal grammar rule of the english language? There's no definition of use on Google that I can find. It pops up in use more times than if it was just some sort of typo (although googling it...
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    Date-rape drugging suspects caught on tape:

    Anybody recognize these guys? The guy on the left (the main suspect) looks sort of familiar to me ... but maybe because he looks like a lot of people. Video Here: http://www.thestar.com/fpLarge/video/583457 Police have released security footage of a suspect they believe may be...
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    I just inherited $12 million from a distant Nigerian relative!

    LOL ... secret formula. http://www.windsorstar.com/Leamington+loses+Nigerian+scam/1173799/story.html A Leamington man has fallen prey to international scam artists who strung him along for more than a year with the promise of millions in cash, but ultimately bilked him and his family of...
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    MoFo imposter on Project Runway Canada 2

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    Could this be the best job in the world?

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7823812.stm Tourism officials in Australia are describing it as "the best job in the world". They want someone to work on a tropical island off the Queensland coast. No formal qualifications are needed but candidates must be willing to swim...