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    Holy shit: David Pecault is dead!

    It's a truly sad day for Toronto. Toronto visionary David Pecaut succumbs to cancer - The Globe and Mail
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    Deer outside my office window right now!

    Check it out: CTV Toronto - Deer spotted strolling through downtown Toronto - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television I can see it from our office windows... He looks so scared and confused!
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    Travel Expo at the MTCC

    Has anyone been to this? I'm not sure if it's worth attending, but something tells me no... http://www.flightcentre.ca/travelexpo/
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    What are you bbq-ing at the tribe bbq on Sunday?

    I think I'm going to hit it, as it's always a good time. This thread is disguised as being about what you're going to grill. Someone should rent a rotisserie and we should grill a whole animal. Preferably a sacrificial triber. I vote FlashyMcFlash.
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    Montreal dining recommendations

    Heading to Montreal this weekend despite the rain, and I'm looking for a few suggestions about nice restaurants. Any suggestions? Futronic, I'm lookin' at you!
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    Bank of Canada rate

    So they cut another 3/4 point today, making the BOC rate 1.5%, which is wild. Now let's see if the banks will follow... if they do, variable mortgages (like ours) are going to be practically free... Bank of Canada chops borrowing costs to 50-year low - CBC
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    useful & enviro-friendly XMAS gift ideas

    I really hate giving or receiving crap that is completely unnecessary at Christmas. What are some things you give to people that you know aren't going to waste or aren't too bad for the environment? I'll start with some of my ideas: - gift ceritificate to the movies - tickets to something...
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    Where are people watching the election results tomorrow night?

    Are people going out to watch the results tomorrow night?? This is the biggest US election in our lifetimes so far, better not miss it! A bunch of us will be at Southside Louie's on College at 8pm to watch the election results, pound back a few and get prepared to riot if Barak doesn't win.
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    Bars on St. Clair, east of Dufferin?

    Does anyone know of some good spots to drink as a team post-dogeball on St. Clair, east of Dufferin? Must be between Dufferin and Christie... Please and thank you!!
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    Why does cilantro taste like soap to some people?

    I think Vinder once told me that if you're missing a certain digestive enzyme, cilantro/coriander tastes like flowers or soap. I'm trying to find out if this is true or not, but a preliminary internet search doesn't yield many facts. Does anyone have a link to the scientific reason behind...
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    Where do I go to get a blender fixed?

    I know, there couldn't possibly be a lamer thread topic, but I need my blender fixed, damnit. I don't want to just buy a new one even though it will probably cost the same amount, because I'd rather fix something than just replace it. The little part that spins at the base of the...
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    Cops stopping cyclists

    I've started seeing cops on bikes stopping cyclists and giving them fines in the morning on my way to work. The cops are parked on the south side of College street, just west of Spadina and they're stopping bikers in the eastbound bike lanes. Does anyone know why they're issuing fines...
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    FS: Red Vintage Couch $150

    I'm selling my parents' red pleather vintage couch from the cottage. It's in perfect condition with removable cushions. It's great for lounging and napping and will last you forever. I am accepting offers on Saturday night at 8pm at my place (Dundas & Bathurst) if you're interested. Send me...
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    Malglo + Dataladybug = Baby

    I'm not sure if Mrs. Malglo has already had the baby by now or if she's still in labour, but holy shit, a new tribe baby is about to grace us! Now to find out if it's a girl or a boy!!! :D CONGRATS guys, by the time you're reading this I'm sure you'll be full blown parents. xo
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    Q about joining Toronto sports leagues

    So, I've joined a couple leagues this summer with the Toronto Central Sports and Social Club (www.tcssc.com). One is a softball league and the other is an "all-sorts-of-sports" league (different sport each week). While the latter is located mostly in the high park area, the softball team is only...
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    the 10,000 club

    I guess I'm the latest member! *cries* To make me feel better, here are the executive members: MoFo 56,823 deep 54,065 el presidente Highsteppa 42,581 Boss Hog 41,322 Skipper 38,027 daddyiwantchocolate 37,470 Flashy_McFlash 33,805 IgStar 33,467 mingster 32,683 stir-fry...
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    Niagara Bike Train

    http://www.biketrain.ca/ They've just posted the schedule for this year's bike train to Niagara! Apparently spaces book up pretty quickly, so it's a good idea to plan ahead. Did anyone use it last year? I didn't but I don't want to miss it this summer. Tickets are $59 with tax and fees...
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    After popular demand, he's a thread for BitStrips. Here are the ones I've done so far:
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    Speedy J @ Footwork

    Didn't make it out, how was it??
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    Going OFF the birth control pill

    What are people's experience with going off the pill? Has anyone's moods changed? Periods erratic? Weight change (loss/gain)? I'm approaching the 7-year mark of being on the pill and I think it's time I let my body get back to a natural cycle.