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    FS: Canon Powershot A20 - GREAT STARTER DIGITAL

    I just got myself a DSLR camera and I want to get rid of this one. I bought this camera 5 years ago and it still has a lot of life left in it. It's a great digital camera for people who want something simple and easy to use but still takes great quality pics. Canon PowerShot A20 2.11...
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    Silent Hill

    I'm surprised no one started a thread on this yet. I did a search and it came up with nothing so I apologize in advance if there already is one :) All I can say about this movie is "wtf???". I don't wanna give away much...but if anyone else saw this, explain the last 15 minutes to me...please...
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    Software for Invitations

    I'm preparing for 3 big events in the next year and i thought that i should make my own invitations instead... Which is the best software for making your own invitations/cards etc.? Something cost effective and simple (but not too simple/ghetto). Some suggestions and advice would be...
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    Natalie Portman's New Look!!

    What do you think? Here!!
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    Any 2001 Civic Owners here?

    I'm just in the process of purchasing this cute little 2001 Honda Civic when someone warned me about how this particular model is kind of faulty and told me to stay away . He said something about how it's the first line of this particular model and there are some glitches. Anyone who has a...
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    Another Passport Question

    I just booked a trip and just realized that my name on my passport includes my middle initial and i didn't give that to the travel agent (just my first and last name). Does it really matter? or should i bother calling them back to tell them? Yay...i'm going to Dominican! :)
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    FS: Toshiba Flat Screen TV

    After a LOT of thought, I've decided to get rid of this thing. I'm in the process of moving and I really don't need another tv (i have 2 others). I just bought it brand new last October Toshiba 24-Inch Colour FST Pure™ Television 24AF44 Features: FST Pure™ CRT ColorStream™...
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    WTB: Nokia 5100 Faceplate

    I was wondering, by any chance, if anyone here has this model and has changed their faceplate and has an extra one that they wanna get rid of. I've been to a lot Fido kiosks/stores and they never seem to have any in stock. Nokia 5100: PM me or email: scarlettcruzer@yahoo.com
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    Digital Photo Contest...interesting...

    I happened to come upon this contest in the HP website HERE I know there are a few of you who are pretty creative with digital photos and i thought this would be right up your alleys. Plus you MAY get to meet Damon & Affleck (which would be nice as long as J.Lo is not lurking around)...
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    Bestest Chinese Buffet

    I just came from Starwalk up on Steeles... I-think-i'm-gonna-split-the-seat-of-my-pants- good! That's all...
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    Getting Out of Debt....

    It seems like every time the holidays lurk around the corner i think about $$$$. To sum up my problem: I am deep in debt. It's stressing me so bad that i can't sleep at night and i resort to watching Jerry Springer (gack!!) in the late hours. A couple of years ago i took out a line of...
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    Notebook/Laptop Query

    Hi... I already have a high speed account w/Sympatico on my pc. How do i connect it to my shiny new notebook. Right now it's on dial-up...but i want high-speed. Plus, any tips for a new notebook user? Thanks!
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    Average Joe

    I'm not much on reality shows these days...but this one looks like a joke. A decent looking girl must choose her 'true love' (snicker) among a group of not-so-hot-looking men. The look on her face when they come out of the bus for introductions is pretty funny... Too bad i'm gonna miss...
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    Monster Cables-Audio & Video

    What the hell was i thinking???? I don't know what to do with them and i have no use for them either. I just bought them a month ago and there just sitting under my tv set. All i know is that i paid ~$75 for each of them at Best Buy. And i'm pretty sure they're a good name brand. The...
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    Boob sucking in public

    Sorry for the crass thread subject. Actually it's about breastfeeding in public places. Last weekend i was in the food court of a mall enjoying a nice lunch with my bf. He stood up to get something to eat when i saw a woman sitting across from me at the next table breastfeeding her child in...
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    Is this normal?

    I just went to Best Buy and i got so hot and bothered by the plasma and lcd screen televisions, so i was looking at the home theatre systems and it didn't help. Then i went to the notebooks, and then by the time i got to the portable dvd players it was over... am i loopy???
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    Scarface: 25th Anniversary Edition

    Can't wait til tuesday! "Say hello to my leetle friend" I'm creaming my jeans...
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    Sept. 19 RON TRENT

    I'm there! Even if it's pours!! (Rain rain go away....)
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    Kill me please!!

    I'm on 36 hours of no sleep!! Wtf! They say you die faster of sleep deprivation than food deprivation. Now i can see why! I feel like hell. I'm gonna lie down now and hope for the best again... :) i'm smiling cuz i'm going nuts
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    Larry Heard@Una Mas

    Unusual venue for this...(sound system is crap IMO!!!) A LOT early i know, but who's going to this...?? I might...but i have lots of time to change my mind. The Sunnyside jam has a special place in my heart tho :p