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    FS: Motu 828 mk2

    asking $500 OBO Completely mint 3 year old Motu 828 mk2. 2 mic/instrument inputs on the front with phantompower 8 more line inputs on the back 10 outs up to 16 addition channels of ADAT input fx send/return master word clock send/return SPDIF i/o DSP mixsoftware MIDI i/o This card...
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    FS: Ampeg SVT 3 Pro Bass Amp

    ASking $800 obo. Good Condition, has seen its share of gigs. New Sovtek tubes. This amp is a rock solid workhorse, and loud as shit. Easy to dial in a wide variety of tones with its powerful eq, and the tube drive is nice for giving it a big round bottom end. I always liked the sound of it...
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    Wanted: Singer

    For a new rock project. M or F doesn't matter, so long as you can write a hook, have experience, mic technique and confidence. Right now our sound is a mash of The Foos, QOTSA, Radiohead, Incubus, Land of Talk. pls respond to djalchemy at yahoo dot see eh. not sure if this'll fly in here...
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    FS: RME Fireface 800

    absolutely MINT condition RME fireface 800, and I do mean mint. Customer service with this company is great, my card was several years old and I had shipped it to the US distributer for repair (I broke the headphone jack) and they sent me a brand new card back! This was about 6 months ago, the...
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    Rehersal Space for Rent.

    Private room Available Nov. 1st. Keep it all to yourself, or share it with some other bands you think are cool. Located at the Rehersal Factory on Islington at Lakeshore. Room measures 12 x 14. thats 168 ft.sq. Comfortably fits 4 piece band w/ keyboards PA & floor monitors. 24 hour access &...
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    Graphic Gurus: what font is this?

    the main font... pls help! Not really down for tracing the letters in illustrator. muchos burrito
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    Fender Blues Deville 2x12 made in USA

    $600 firm. Unit is in excellent working condition, tubes were changed a few months ago- still have plenty of life in them., 65 watts, all tube, I have had zero performance issues with this amp. Made in 1993 in the USA, these units are said to be of much better craftsmanship then the newer ones...
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    Dave Smith Mopho

    still under warranty from L&M... mint condish... comes with box, power cable, manual. was using it as a dedicated bass synth for my live setup, but I don't need it anymore, and I bought something else so I need the cash. Selling for $375 FIRM. this thing is practically brand new! email...
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    150 techno records! $250

    about 150 records total! EP titles by Marco Carola Gaetano Parisio Henrick B Joey Beltram Jeff Mills Oliver Lieb Hardcell Oliver Ho Chris Leibing Bryan Zentz Ben Long DJ G-Force Throb Umek Marco Baily Umek Joel Mull Lots of PRIMATE, BUSH, PRIME EVIL, DRUMCODE, INTEC...
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    need an acountant

    preferably one who specializes in apprenticeships... I've got a shit load of tools to write off this year and H&R block won't do it... can someone point me in the direction of someone who they've used before and know is good without breaking the bank? D
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    FS Makie 16 ch. mixer $350 OBO

    Makie CR1604 mixer. 6 mic pres, 10 line level inputs. used exclusively in my bands rehersal space, all channels are in working condition. Was bought used from L&M many months ago. D
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    Rekkids fer sale 1st batch: PROGRESSIVE

    about 130 records here, all sorted... i tried to keep it as neat as possible Artist, Track Title, (remixes) LABEL (where applicable) If there were multiple track names with multiple remixers I sorted it A. B1. B2. etc. I have an excell file if anyone interested pm me, cause I...
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    Dell Desktop p4 2.4 GHZ 1.5 GB RAM 19" Montior incl.

    $300 OBO! p4 2.4 GHZ CPU 1.5 GB RAM 80 GB Harddrive 19" CRT Monitor CD-RW DVD ROM Sound Blaster Live! w/ KX drivers. NVIDIA G-force 4 Video Card (Can support two monitors) Windows XP loaded on... Open Office, etc... was previously used as a graphics and sound editing machine... so...
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    radiohead in Montreal

    got my tickets! is anyone going to this aug. 6th? anyone got an extra ride??? I got gas money! :D uh, I would have posted this in the roll calls forum, but apparently I'm like a promoter or something so I put it here! Feel free to change that if you like alex... (the promoter dealyo and...
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    torrents, etc.

    ok... so I just did a google search for my name and my last release on progressive grooves, and apparently its up for download on several torrent sites. what gives? its not like I'm a fucking superstar or anything.. it just seems wierd.. I'm finding releases on other websites that I didn't...
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    free track download

    aiiiight... so I just whipped up this bootleg remix of my favorite metric song "Rock Me Now" cause I wanted a version that I could play out.. I suppose you can file this in the 'house' genre. Let me know what this sounds like on a big soundsystem as I dont really get out much anymore, or if...
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    Selling my Progressive Trance Colletion... many gems here!

    DJ Alchemy's collection of trance & progressive trance from 1997-2003. This collection is pretty much the best of the best; full of hits, classic tracks hidden gems & rarities. If you like DJ's like John “00” Flemming then these are a must have as I've heard him play most of these titles. 267...
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    make your own bootlegs! lol

    check it! not sure how well it works, or who wouldnt just make a cd, but hey, some ppl gotta have vinyl! http://gadgets.qj.net/How-to-Pirate-a-Vinyl-Record/pg/49/aid/39381
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    new tracks out!

    Its HERE! EXCLUSIVE RELEASE on beatport.com https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/89904/ A tasty and long waited release from Alchemy. Layered melodies on top of rolling sub basslines, tranforms these grooves into technoish Tech-house track. Don't be surprised...
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    MUST SEE:: Andi Vax - "mixing Secrets" Video Tutorial (rus/eng)

    repost from gearslutz: "I would like to represent you the free video tutorial which is dedicated to secrets of mixing the dance music. This video is for advanced producer who has an experience of two or more years. For young and talanted there is a numerous tutorials with basic information...