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    Happy Birthday Man Tunnel!

    Happy Birthday Mat! Now that you’re married…with a kid…..working at a bank….and OLD….I wish you a Happy Birthday! Just kidding, life is great these days and here’s to another fabulous year! (hope you get the disco pinball machine you so desperately want) Lots o love.. L & S
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    FS: 2002 Civic Coupe

    Silver, 5-speed, tinted windows, rear spoiler, after market tail lights, one owner (female), winter tires included, 160,000 km. $10,500
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    FS: 2 M3D Technic turntables

    2 silver, M3D Technic 1200 turntables. Great condition, barely used. Stanton needles and a 2-channel Numark mixer included. $850 PM if interested.
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    Making your own clothes

    I bought this great book on how to re-create old tee's into some funky shirts. My first attempt last night came out ok, but my next should turn out better now that I got the hang of it a bit. I made the halter thats on the cover of this book and aside from some side boob action..it is *almost*...
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    Lipstick Thread

    I have a hard time finding a lipstick that I like, I normally stick to one forever..but now I dont like it either and I need a change. Trying to find a nice lipstick when you have hundreds of choices is completely overwhelming! As of right now I am just using Cargo tinted lipgloss, which is...
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    What is your fav? I honestly have yet to find "my" scent! I get bored and like to try different ones too often. Great site at www.luckyscent.com Has a ton of great scents that you cant buy in the dept store..some of my favs are anything by Suzanne Lang and also by Maison de Vanille. I love...
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    Being blonde is great, fun, yadda, yadda, yadda...but it's hard to get the perfect shade of blonde hair. I am a natural dirty blonde, but I get it dyed lighter to a light wheat colour (which is hard to find a hairdresser who understands the shade of blonde I mean). I like having really light...
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    Fake degrees for teaching overseas?

    I have a friend in Taiwan right now who had been succussfully teaching with a fake Concordia degree, but recently at his new job they are a bit more strict when it comes to the degree and whether it is legit or not. Long story short, he is needing a new scan of a degree that he can then...