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    World Junior Championship

    Canada Hasn't won the tourney in 3 years. The world competition gets better every year, as evidenced by the increasing number on players drafted to the nhl outside of North America. It's always my fav tournament no matter what sport. Anyone else insane like I am, getting up (and having a few...
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    Whose death do you fear more; your's or your parents

    My parents will both be 68 this year, and it seems it's that time in their lives when their bodies start to fail them. In the last 7 years my father has had a quadruple by pass, brain surgery, and knee surgery as well as finding out he has a blood disorder that the guessers are having trouble...
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    Can you livestream the suprbowl?

    Just found out the party room in my building does not have cable access, so Im wondering if I can stream the game live? I check nfl.com and got some retarded restricted area message. Any suggestions? I assumed I'd be dropping cash, but it has to be watchable.
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    Without argument the best run franchise in North American pro sports. 6th Playoff appearance in 8 years with a payroll less than 1/2 of the Jays. This is a franchise that should be a case study for any team that wants to be a success. Although, they have been doing it the Twins way for over 20...
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    Bacon Flavoured Vodka!

    If anyone will appreciate this it's Tribe! http://bakonvodka.com/?section=home Hope I don't get timelined....
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    Who's In the HOF First? Pete Rose or Barry Bonds?

    Rose cheated (oet on games) after his playing career. Greatest 2B of all Time. Most hits of all time Barry Bonds hit more Homers (debatable) than anyone. Maybe. Rose was a cultural phoenom. Bonds was a cultural joke. Rose was the catylist for many World Series titles. Bonds single handedly...
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    Yahoo! Baseball is open! New keeper league anyone?

    Pitchers and catchers on on there way to spring training and Yahoo has opened up it's Baseball '09 this mroning. Anyone interested in a Keeper league starting this year? I know there is one going on in Tribeland already, but here's a chance for a fresh start. H2H, Simple 9 pos. hitters, 7...
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    Kennsington Festival of lights?

    Just wondering when this is, tonight or tommorow night? Thanx Tribe!
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    Another 'We need more players for our draft' Thread. Tonight at 8:30

    So we were hoping to have 12 players in our league, but only 8 have signed up. I have left it as late as I think we can go, so Im hopeing there may be another 4 players that are not completely drafted out. I have played with 6 of the other teams in the past and can say this will be an active...
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    Devils Diss Brodeur!

    Martin Brodeur was given a celebatory scene for becomeing only the 2nd 500 game winner in history. It lasted ALMOST 3 minutes, and they gave him a painting of himself. The crowd of 3,700 almost even cheered. The turn out for his acomplishment? The Jays get a spike of almost 4, 000 EXTRA...
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    R.I.P. Sean Taylor

    I 1st heard about this this morning, that someone had broken into Sean Taylor's home last night and shot him in his leg. At the time he was listed in Critical Condition, and the hospital even had a press coference stateing that he was responsive, and they were very hopeful. Unfortunatly, the...
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    Help! Need a restaurant at Bloor and Bathurst...

    That can seat 20-30 on a days notice, and serves a wide range of food, including veggie! This was just handed to me, and I know if anything can help, it's Tribe!
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    Happy Birthday Mitsuku Souma!

    Cheers to a great year, hope it's the best yet!:D See ya pool side, ya crazy japanesse assasin cutie!:p ch33se baconpan technics1200 baconpan
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    V-Dub for......?

    I know I asked this already, but... Hypathetical question: Vernon Wells will play in Texas in 2008. If the Jays become sellers at the end of the month, (wise move in my books) What would you want back for V-Dub? Right now he's at his top value, having a great year, injury free, non contract...
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    Tribe BBQ!

    In Upcoming Events Today! Sunshine, music, the Q, and Tribers everywhere! Best BBQ recipe for debauchery ever! July 1, see ya on the ferry to Toronto island!
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    Black Light Activists Cosmic Debris!

    I'm really excited to go to this party! I've never caught one, but the pics I've recieved from friends look amazing! And I've found a friend with fungus to eat! Anyone else going?
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    Blue Jays Home Opener!

    So, who's going? What seats ya got? I'll be lurking in the 500's... for a bit:cool: Anyone hitting Steam Whistle b4 hand? I'll be the only Twins fan in town! I'm looking foward to the man Johan throwing 15+ K's while tossing 8 scoreless! It don't get better than that! A friend has a couple...
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    All-Time Favorite Players

    With the passing of Kirby Puckett, my all time favourite athlete, I was wondering who other fans had love for. In each sport, here are my favourites. In hockey - Ron Francis In football - Barry Sanders In basketball - Muggsy Bogues IMO all great play makers in all respects of there game...