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    track id?

    i have this one track on some old hip hop mix tape and i want to know who its by. i was told it was aretha franklin but i don't think so(?) and i can't decide whether its a man or woman singing. it sounds like old funk/soul and the lyrics to the chorus go: you've got the right to be...
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    who has you blocked?

    i tried searching, sorry if this is old. www.msngeeks.com you can find out how many people and who have blocked you from their msn lists. you can also see who has deleted you and who you've deleted that have kept you. i thought it was a good five minute time waster.
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    this may be a silly question..

    but, the US troops in iraq...[and anywhere else for that matter] how do they vote? and do their votes count towards their home state?
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    does anybody know this track?

    the [male] vocals go: "i wanna know.. .. if what you feel is real..." ps. worst description ever. i know but i figured if you know it, you'll know it by just this. my main question is who made it. any help is appreciated a lot pps. is this allowed in this forum?