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  1. J

    FS: North Face Gore-Tex Shell

    THE NORTH FACE "M" HALF DOME Gore-Tex Pro Shell Brand New, with tags. Never worn. Asphalt Grey I have one Medium and one Large available. --- Taking hard shells to the next level, this innovative jacket is built with GORE-TEX® Stretch Pro 3L fabric, a first-of-its-kind stretch material...
  2. J

    FS: Leafs vs Predators - Tues Nov 16 - Gold Tix

    Leafs vs Predators - Tues Nov 16 - 7pm I am selling a pair of Gold section tickets for tonight's game. Section 118, Row 12, Seats 23 & 24... very close to the ice. Face value is $203 per ticket. Selling the pair for $300 email me ... jidoe [at] rogers.com
  3. J

    Montreal - restaurant recommendations

    I'll be in Montreal in a few weeks for a friends bachelor party weekend. Looking to go out with a group of 10-12 dudes for dinner downtown on Friday night. Doesn't need to be Michelin star material... good food, casual and not crazy-expensive will work. Suggestions?
  4. J

    Topographic Maps

    Does anyone know where I could find line-drawn topographic maps like the one below? I've spent too much time searching online for something that will work. (It would need to be a high-resolution or vector file, not a crappy jpeg). It doesn't have to be a map of any place specific, just...
  5. J

    Modern black sofabed for sale <<<<<<<<<

    This contemporary black sofa has seen little use. Fabric is black and easy to clean. It folds down into a guest bed for your sketchy friends. 80 inches in length, about 39 inches deep. Originally sold for over $1600 at UpCountry. I don't have room for it anymore... selling for...
  6. J

    Amsterdam tips

    In Amsterdam for a day/night next week... any suggestions for cafes, etc. I'm not a huge pot head, but wouldn't mind sampling some magical delights, ie hash brownies, etc. Also, any suggestions for things to do in Brussels?
  7. J

    Cheap Software - is this a scam?

    Got an email today claiming that this "OEM" company is selling CS4 etc for up to 90% off retail... they are "resellers". Please excuse my ignorance if this is a known scam... Link
  8. J

    BRT ... Spaboy

    Can someone PM me his email address? Thanks.
  9. J

    Is Jeff Goldblum dead too?

    There are rumors abound that Jeff Goldblum of Jurassic Park fame has died. ?
  10. J

    pillow talk

    I'm sick of buying crappy pillows. Just bought 2 yesterday from Sears, brought them home, tried em out, and they are the typical "jumbo" puffy-ass pillows that I hate. Seems like you can't get thin pillows anymore. Anyway, I think it's time for a Tempur-Pedic pillow. Anyone here have one? Is...
  11. J

    Facebook Gon' Eat Twitter!

  12. J

    Jesse Rose - Essential Mix

    Some fun stuff here... I've had it on heavy rotation over the past couple weeks... Jesse Rose Essential Mix - 3/1/2009 enjoy!
  13. J

    Buying DJ mixes...

    The other day I was browsing around the web, looking for a new DJ mix. An amazing idea struck me! Why don't I pay for my next mix?! I would say 80% of the mixes I own were given to me or downloaded at no cost, so I felt it was time to "support an artist". So I go to Stompy.com and d/l a Johnny...
  14. J

    RAPTORS vs KNICKS - today at noon - PLATIMUM pair 50% off!

    RAPTORS VS. NEW YORK KNICKS Sunday, Feb. 22 at 12pm PLATINUM Section 108, Row 8, seats 3 & 4. AWESOME seats! 8 rows from the floor, center court. Includes access to the Platinum Lounge. Face value: $240 each ($480 total) Selling the pair for $240!
  15. J

    FS: MAPLE LEAFS vs BLUE JACKETS - Feb. 19 - Gold Tickets

    AWESOME seats - Gold section, center ice. Section 118 - Row 12 - Seats 23 and 24 Face Value $195.30 each ($390.60 total) Selling the pair for $300 (hard tickets - not print outs) Located near ACC for easy pick-up. email me if interested: jidoe[at]rogers.com
  16. J

    Hey ladies, what do you want for valentines day?

    and what don't you want? I'm curious to know. Thanks!
  17. J


    RAPTORS VS. SPURS Wed Feb 11 @ 7pm Section 108, Row 8, seats 3 & 4. Awesome seats. 8 rows from the floor, center court. Includes access to Platinum Lounge. Face value: $240 each ($480 total) Selling the pair for $300! Email me at: jidoe [at] rogers.com
  18. J

    joaquin phoenix - the rapper

  19. J

    Bottle Openers

    What's a good place to go shopping for (beer) bottle openers? Ideally the place would have a wide variety of quality stainless steel openers (like the one below).
  20. J

    FS: RAPTORS VS. NUGGETS - DEC 31 - 2 Platinum Tickets

    RAPTORS VS. NUGGETS NYE - Wed Dec. 31 @ 7pm Section 108, Row 8, seats 3 & 4. Great seats. 8 rows from the floor, center court. Includes access to Platinum Lounge. Face value: $264 each ($528 total) Selling the pair for $350 Makes a great gift! Email me at: jidoe [at] rogers.com