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  1. Dirty Girl

    Nobody Cares...

    Nobody cares that I'm derrick Carter with Thumper, sneaky Pete, muffin. Old school party in the house. Some people may be on shrooms. Not nsming names. Justin
  2. Dirty Girl

    Nobody Cares...

    o_OSo what...nobody cares is where people talk about actual news now? What the fuck is that shit?!!
  3. Dirty Girl

    Derrick Carter in Toronto

    I heard he's coming to toronto.
  4. Dirty Girl

    Nobody Cares...

    I miss you Bernie
  5. Dirty Girl


    huh this new board looks weird to me and I dont remember how to post lol. How do I see this movie? I want to see this movie. I want to see it more than Ive ever wanted to see anything. A Rave Story
  6. Dirty Girl

    Nobody Cares...

    ummm excuse me. im suing. I should copyright my name so noone else can use it. in the words of stephanie tanner "how rude". https://nowtoronto.com/topics/dirty-girl/
  7. Dirty Girl

    Shows worth watching?

    What the hell happened to the shows "Crisis" and "Believe"? I liked those shows. its like they vanished into thin air never to be heard from again. :(
  8. Dirty Girl

    Nobody Cares...

    I havent looked on here in ages. I just felt a strange feeling telling me I should check tribe. Its clear that it was that amazing story that was calling out to me thru the universe, willing me to come read it, bringing great joy and peace into my otherwise dull and miserable life.
  9. Dirty Girl

    Nobody Cares...

    ahhh nothing like a good alley gangbang.
  10. Dirty Girl

    Merry Christmas TRIBE 2014!!!!

    Happy Christmas bitches!
  11. Dirty Girl

    Nobody Cares...

    my ears must have been burning. im here. life is boring as usual. quit my job. looking for a new one. accounts receivable (business to business) if anyone has one. for Techdruid: corrie is boring. kylies baby daddy is HOT!
  12. Dirty Girl

    Survivor Cagayan Brains Brawn Beauty

    in the reunion part Jeff kept saying he was going to apologize to spencer for something. what did he apologize for? I couldnt be bothered to keep watching.
  13. Dirty Girl

    Survivor Cagayan Brains Brawn Beauty

    Come on spencer. COME ON!!!!!!!!!
  14. Dirty Girl

    Survivor Cagayan Brains Brawn Beauty

    yay spencer. he so deserves to win this tonycould have used one idol for himself and one for trish, seeing as he cant play any the next round. but I guess he wants them to think he can play his *special" idol next time.
  15. Dirty Girl

    Jacob closing all its stores

    that sucks. I like jacob. its good for work clothes and cardigans. and i like cardigans. and there stuff is actually a decent quality. :(
  16. Dirty Girl

    If you had to choose...

    you dont pick the car, the car picks you.
  17. Dirty Girl

    Survivor Cagayan Brains Brawn Beauty

    poop. i really liked spencer. i wanted him to win.
  18. Dirty Girl

    The Birth Control Thread!

    whats this ? am I paying $87 a month for the pull out method? has anyone used any of the progestin only pills?
  19. Dirty Girl

    bounce by the lake finale

    word to big bird
  20. Dirty Girl

    Nobody Cares...

    nooooo :( come back! :(